Bake a Display Network Cake through Google AdWords and Placement Targeting

Think of your PPC Campaign on the Display Network as a cake.

If your cake looks good, it will make people stop in the street, walk into the bakery even though they are very busy and buy it. You can achieve this affect with your PPC campaign / cake by focusing on your advertisement text and the bakeries / websites on which your creation is shown.

When that cake lover bites into your PPC Campaign or better said, when they click on your advertisement, they should enjoy the initial taste immediately. This means that landing pages need to be very well optimized and that the internet user needs to be immediately impressed by your product or service (your cake).

If they are not satisfied, they won’t go back to the bakery to buy another cake (they won’t return to your website again) and they may not even finish the one cake that they did buy (meaning that they may not even complete one conversion).

How can Placement Targeting help you to create the perfect cake / advertisement through Google AdWords and generate lots of conversions? Placement Targeting on the Google Display Network allows the PPC Advertiser to select the websites that they want their advertisements to be displayed on.

This is like choosing all the different bakeries to place your cake in knowing that your interested audience is going to pass by that bakery (or website) every day to see what’s new. If you put your cake / PPC advertisement in the bakeries / on the websites of people who are going to be tempted to take a bite / make a click, then you are half-way towards making that conversion every time.

So, how do you set up a Placement Targeting Campaign on Google AdWords?

The process is in fact a very simple one. This is what you do…

* Firstly, you have to choose to work within the Google Display Network and NOT the Search Network
* Then select the Managed Placements option from the campaign setting, which bypasses the keyword contextual setting (which is the setting used by advertisers who are going to let Google automatically place their advertisements on websites participating in the Display Network thanks to keyword selection). The Managed Placements option gives the PPC Advertiser more control over the bakeries / websites that their cake / advertisement is placed on compared with the contextual option.
* Select your budget. You can choose between many options ranging from maximum daily budget to CPC, just like you can within the Search Network.

Google will then take you automatically to the Placement Tool feature and from here you can do the following…

* Browse websites (your bakeries) by category and sub-category (like Travel and Adventure, for example) and then select the websites that you want to advertise on from here.
* If you don’t want to do this, you can insert keywords and topics into the search system and ask Google to help you match up your cake / advertisement with the relevant bakeries / websites available.
* Another option from the AdWords Placement Tool is to search for specific websites to advertise on. You can type in the URL you have your eye on into the Placement Tool to see whether the site participates in Google AdWords Advertising or not with ease.
* Pick your sites, finalize your bids and upload your advertisements.

That’s it!

Advertising on the Display Network through a Placement Campaign is as easy as baking a cake, just like we’ve been telling you all along!