What are the Advantages of Dedicated Google Ads Landing Pages?

Why do website owners still insist on making their PPC managers work with landing pages that receive both paid search traffic and organic search traffic? It makes no sense. Google Ads -only landing pages afford the advertiser many advantages in terms of analysis and optimization improvements, but they also increase conversions at a much quicker rate.

Why is the homepage the biggest flop as a landing page?

If you have all your Google Ads advertisements, or at least a large part of them, all linking back to your home page, you are not doing all that you can to ensure that the Internet user reaches the information that he or she seeks in the quickest way possible.

If the Internet user has to “work” to find the information advertised in your Google advertisement, Google is not going to look favorably on your campaign and your website’s quality score will drop. If your quality score drops, PPC advertising becomes more expensive.

Essentially, what this means is that your landing page will only receive traffic from one particular PPC advertisement. Your landing page will not be optimized to appear in natural search listings. In this way, all the traffic which is driven to that particular landing page will be traffic that you know has come from one specific Google Ads advertisement, deliberately crafted for the purpose.

When you create Google Ads landing pages, that each receives traffic from one single Google Ad, you can design the look of that landing page and optimize its features to best receive the kind of Internet user you are expecting to arrive on that landing page. You can address their needs and tend to their likes and dislikes (in the form of detailed product information or lack of, for example, depending on the data you gather from conversions, etc).

The user experience is far better when PPC advertisements link to specially-developed Google Ads landing pages and as a result your client’s conversion rates will increase notably too. There are no downsides to creating special Google ads landing pages, only advantages.

Separating your paid search advertisements, so that your target audience lands on specially-created Google Ads landing pages, also means that you will be able to use Google Analytics to easily track the behavior of your potential customers all the way along the conversion funnel. This means that life is made that much easier in general when it comes to making the right pay per click optimization decisions.

You can be certain that all the data you are analyzing is coming directly from your paid search campaign (and not organic search results) and you will know exactly which paid search advertisements are driving the paid search traffic to your site.

When implementing your PPC-only landing pages, you will also be able to decide whether or not you want to have the conversion form directly accessible on the landing page or whether your audience needs more information on the landing page to encourage them to convert. Some users will not want to scroll or click or doing anything time-consuming in order to follow the conversion through to the very end. Other users will want to be more informed before committing. This is something that you will figure out over time.

Your strategies behind the implementation of Google ads only landing pages will also vary in terms of the amount of mandatory fields you require the user to fill out in order to thoroughly complete the conversion form. It is important for you to gather information about your target audience demographic from the conversion funnel process, but it is also important to balance this out with how much time your audience is willing to spend on form filling. You want conversions, so you need to find the happy medium for your clients.

All in all, it is really important to at least give PPC-only landing pages a trial run. It is likely that you will be very happy with the results that your test delivers.