Webrageous is excited to announce that for any agency or web design firm (or anyone else) we are now offering a 15% referral fee FOREVER(!) for clients referred to us for Google AdWords management. We have an excellent retention rate and a number of clients have grown tremendously with us. Most referral fees in the industry are 10% and are only paid for one year. We will pay you 15% of our revenues forever. We can promise your clients great support and tremendous results. But don’t take our word for it, please check out the testimonials and results tab by clicking on those links at the top of the page. We are also happy to white label/private label our PPC management services.

Here is a copy of our standard Reseller Agreement as of September 2016:

Webrageous Studios, LLC Revenue Share Referral Agreement


Webrageous Studios LLC (hereafter referred to as Webrageous or We or Us) shall pay You 15% of revenues collected for any clients referred to Webrageous by You. This will continue as long as these clients continue to pay Webrageous. Example: Client referred by You spends $10,000 on PPC Management in 1 month. Webrageous sends an invoice for $1,500. Within 30 days of payment by client to Webrageous,  Webrageous sends a check to You for $225 for your referral.

Setup Fees

You may be eligible for more than 15% of the setup fees as a referrer. We will customize this clause depending on the breakdown of responsibilities for the sales process.


Client chargebacks or refunds will be refunded by You the reseller to Webrageous. Example: Client A pays Webrageous a total of $1000 in fees for Google AdWords & Bing PPC Management. Client requests a refund. Webrageous refunds client. Webrageous has already paid $150 to You. You will then reimburse Webrageous $150 within 30 days of Webrageous refunding client. The revenue share refund will be limited to the amount paid by Webrageous to You for that particular client and in proportion to the chargeback amount. Example: Client pays Webrageous $10,000 in fees over 3 years. You owe back 15% of the refunded amount. If the refund amount is $1000 You will refund $150.

Reseller/Referrer/Affiliate Non-Compete

You agree not to offer PPC management to clients contracted with Webrageous and Webrageous agrees not to offer web design to clients of You. This clause extends during and for 5 years after this agreement ends.

Reseller Contract Cancellation

Either Party may cancel this contract for any reason. In the event of contract cancellation the rest of this contract shall remain in force with respect to payment, liability, jurisdiction, agreement not to hire, severability, assignment, the entire agreement clause, and arbitration.   Payments shall continue indefinitely (as long as client continues to pay Webrageous) even after cancellation of this revenue share agreement and this contract shall remain in force regarding revenue share and terms for those clients who continue with Webrageous until they no longer pay Webrageous.


We will return an executed agreement to you for your files via email to the email address noted on the first page of this agreement. You agree to notify us in writing within 14 days of signing the contract if you do not receive a copy of the executed agreement. At the discretion of Webrageous the contract terms and pricing may expire if this contract is not executed by both parties within 30 days of sending by Webrageous.


Should any term of this Agreement be finally determined by a court/arbitrator/mediator of competent jurisdiction to be invalid, unenforceable or otherwise contrary to law and equity, the parties agree that such provision shall be construed, limited, modified or, if necessary, severed, to the extent necessary to eliminate its invalidity or unenforceability, and that the other provisions of this Agreement shall remain unaffected.


The maximum liability of Webrageous Studios to You related to or in connection with this agreement will be limited to 15% of revenues collected by Webrageous from clients referred by Referrer minus any refunds or chargebacks for any reason. Webrageous Studios shall not be responsible for loss of profits or revenue. It is understood that this agreement is made with Webrageous Studios, LLC only. This agreement is not made with any employees or members of Webrageous Studios, LLC Webrageous is not responsible for lost revenue share if Webrageous is fired or resigns a client relationship.

Agreement Not To Hire

Both parties agree not to offer employment or work with any of each others employee(s) (or outsourcers that have direct correspondence with either party or Your clients) during the period of this contract and for a period of 5 years after this agreement ends except as agreed in writing.

Entire Agreement

This Agreement contains the full understanding between the parties and supersedes all prior representations or agreements, whether oral or written, with respect to such matters. This Agreement may only be changed by a written document signed by both parties.


This Agreement will be governed by and construed in accordance with the internal laws of the State of Nevada, excluding that body of laws known as choice of law or conflict of laws. Subject to the provisions of this Section, all disputes, controversies or claims arising out of or relating to this Agreement will be resolved through mandatory binding  individual arbitration conducted in Las Vegas, Nevada, before J.A.M.S./ENDISPUTE or its successor (“JAMS”) pursuant to the United States Arbitration Act, 9 U.S.C. Section 1, et seq. (the “Act”); and the terms and conditions of this Agreement. The arbitration will be conducted in accordance with the provisions of J.A.M.S.’s Streamlined Arbitration Rules and Procedures in effect at the time of filing of the demand for arbitration (the “JAMS Rules”), subject to the provisions of this Section. The terms set forth in this Agreement will control in the event of any inconsistency between such terms and the JAMS Rules. The parties will cooperate with JAMS and with each other in promptly selecting a single arbitrator from JAMS’s panel of neutrals. If the parties fail to so select an arbitrator within thirty (30) days following the date of either party’s notice of demand to conduct arbitration, then JAMS will appoint an arbitrator in accordance with the JAMS Rules. The award of the arbitrator will be in writing and will set forth findings of fact and conclusions of law. Judgment on the arbitrator’s award will be final and binding upon the parties and may be entered in any court having jurisdiction thereof. If for any reason JAMS or its successor is no longer is in business, then the arbitration shall be conducted in accordance with the commercial arbitration rules of the American Arbitration Association. The arbitrator’s fees will be paid by the party instituting the dispute and each party will bear its own costs and attorneys’ fees. All papers, documents, or evidence, whether written or oral, filed with or presented in connection with the arbitration proceeding will be deemed by the parties and by the arbitrator to be confidential information of both parties. The arbitrator chosen in accordance with these provisions will not have the power to alter, amend or otherwise affect the terms of these arbitration provisions or the provisions of this Agreement. Notwithstanding the foregoing, nothing in this Section shall prevent either party from applying for and obtaining from a court a temporary restraining order and/or other injunctive relief. In the event that this Agreement is transferred or assigned in whole or in part by Webrageous Studios to a collection agency or collection related law firm, this Jurisdiction/Arbitration shall not apply with regards to collections and jurisdiction shall be in the same state that the under signed client is located in or any state or nation in which jurisdiction over the undersigned client can lawfully be established.

By signing below you confirm you have read and understood the foregoing terms and agree to them and agree to be responsible for all obligations under this agreement.


Signed: ____________________________Date: _____/_____/_______

Name: ________________________  Title: _______________________


Webrageous Studios, LLC:

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