How to Navigate Criminal Defense Advertising

Most lawyers have never considered advertising either because digital marketing and advertising seems complicated, or they simply don’t have time for it. Others simply don’t understand how to navigate the ethical n in advertising legal services as they see it as a conduit to breaching attorney-client privilege in some way.  However, a few others understand the potential of digital tools in criminal defense marketing and have leveraged their careers on a stable online presence, which assures them of more clients and better brand identity.

To join this small group of online lawyers, you simply need to understand how digital criminal defense marketing and advertising works. You need a website to create an online presence and to drive traffic towards your business. Secondly, you don’t need to do everything on your own as you can hire professionals to maintain your online channels for you as you continue with your busy lifestyle. However, before you even consider retaining a digital marketing team, you need to understand the basics of criminal defense attorney advertising.

What is Criminal Defense Marketing?

Criminal defense marketing is advertising your legal services to the public in a bid to get as many clients as possible. The primary difference between normal advertising and criminal defense advertising is that, in the latter you are marketing your competencies so that a potential client can trust you with their case. Unlike the former, you are not offering any commodities or services that are easy to define. A case can go either way and therefore, you are selling an abstract service in the form of a win for your client. Other businesses have to offer tangible and realizable positives for their clients.

Steps to Creating a Great Online Presence

Since you understand your potential, skills and experience, you need to showcase them to your potential clients. Your experiences, whether academic or professional are in your past and only a few of those can be mentioned in your social media or website. Your professional networks are however important and should be highlighted as much as possible to show that you have earned the trust of your clients and colleagues. Therefore, as you market your legal practice, you should understand that you are the product and your skills and competencies are the services you are offering to your potential client.

A good website for a criminal defense attorney is one that is simple, easy to understand and concise. It should introduce your background and show potential clients that you understand the law in your area of practice. You can have a few testimonials but always ensure that you retain a high professional standard by being ethical and considering attorney-client privilege. Breaches of privacy can be quite detrimental to your image as an attorney since you will lose trust and the confidence your clients have placed on you.

In essence, a criminal defense attorney is the only professional who doesn’t wish for repeat customers. Therefore, you should focus on getting more new clients and maintaining the ones you have by being knowledgeable and professional in your conduct.