How to Get More Clients with Criminal Defense Marketing

Advertising your services as a lawyer was pretty easy and straightforward in the past. All that was required was a listing on the yellow pages and some flyers or a paid advert on a local television station. However, this strategy cannot survive in the current digital economy as fewer people watch television and most content has shifted towards digital channels such as social media and websites. Therefore, as a discerning lawyer, it is prudent to consider shifting towards digital content as a way to attract more clients.

Why Criminal Defense Advertising Has Changed

It is a fact that as demographics change, businesses must change with them and currently there are more young people in need of legal services than older people. Unlike in the past, young people now don’t rely as much on word of mouth or references when seeking professional services. They simply scour online and go for the professional with a good brand identity online, assuming such great online presence translates to professionalism. Though this is not always the case, it is still important to consider having an online presence as a way of showcasing your professional skills.

How To Create A Website For Your Legal Practice

Websites are crucial if you need an online presence to advertise your services and to interact with your clients. Apart from giving you a one-stop area where all your clients can communicate with you, a website also offers you a platform where you can respond to emerging legal issues and showcase your knowledge without seeking media appearances. Since advertising relies on data, you should first start by understanding your target market.

The key to understanding your target market is in knowing market trends based on your targeted demographic. If you want to appeal to younger clients, then you have to align your website and social media sites towards content that will likely appeal to younger people. The most prevalent crimes amongst your chosen demographic will inform you of which types of content to post.

How To Use Digital Tools To Increase Your Online Presence

Digital tools such as Google Adsense and adwords will make your content rank higher. The main tool is Search engine Optimization which will scour the internet for certain keywords contained within your content text. By choosing higher ranking key words, your sites will receive a lot more hits and views, translating to more clients seeking your services.

It’s no secret that marketing for criminal defense attorneys requires a keener understanding of your subject matter as this will also reflect in how you target your market. As a criminal defense attorney, you must retain the highest threshold of integrity and ethical responsibility when reaching out to potential clients. This means that considerations such as attorney client privilege are non negotiable and should be a central pillar in how you generate content. Refrain from directly mentioning your clients by name or by referring to sensitive cases you have handled in the past. This is the best way to retain integrity even as you compete for clients with your peers.