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Developer Notes 2020

2020  — will display the year on pages/posts and titles

%%currentyear%% — is for yoast meta descriptions and SEO title


[ ! trial spread out so it will show

have him import from Drupal. re-view issues/do video.  eventually stop working? is it worth it? ask on combine style sheets per 5-11 email

%%currentyear%% for meta titles – test it – tested here plus xy3edksd83k in title – have Donna help with this.
– excluded for trial  – test toggle switches (both)…   doesn’t always work

donna help with removing trial top pages  and 2019

turn off drupal folder – be sure pages still load.

Can you set up %%currentyear%% as a short code so that I can use the same code in meta-tags and everywhere else? I tried using it in the headline and it didn’t work. It’s too much work to remember 2 different short codes

–> For this I was not able to make the shortcode for yoast 2020 because yoast looks for the two %% symbols for a shortcode. but I was able to to make a custom yoast shortcode %%Year%% and %%year%%

I created the shortcode for 2020 and 2020 which will display 01/01/2019 where you put it. It will not work on Yoast they have their own short code for meta tags. For example the current year you can put %%currentyear%% in the meta tags and it will display 2019.

rewatch vid camtasia/cell from 4-12-19/page speed links/visible elements first.

I was able to get to that menu and add an option in custom fields. It will remove t60 day trial and no setup fees.  You can find the toggle for it under the options menu on the left hand side.

I was able to fix the top admin bar on all pages and create a toggle switch to turn on/off the text “In many cases, we can offer a 60-day risk free trial for AdWords management.”(Image below)
I’ve also replaced that text in the database with the shortcode on all pages so it will be controlled by that toggle. I also removed the date and reduced the size of the heading on the pay per click pages so there isn’t so much wasted space.   The page view count is not sortable I think its a issue with the plugin and they need to update their plugin but I was able to make a private page with all the view data –> https://www.webrageous.com/view-count.htm that can be viewed if your logged in.
I’ve also adjusted the reviews on the bottom of the page to show only the last 3 reviews and placed it under the business logos. Tomorrow I will work on the webpage speed and the accessibility.

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