Criminal Defense Marketing Guide for Lawyers

Legal practice is one of the oldest professions and unlike other old professions, it has largely remained unhindered by the changing technological landscape. However, for discerning lawyers, the opportunities presented by digital technologies cannot be ignored. More and more lawyers are entering the market and this has elevated the competitive nature of the industry. Therefore, it is imperative for criminal defense lawyers to understand how to use digital marketing for their work.

How to Incorporate Criminal Defense advertising in your practice

Criminal defense advertising has largely been conservative, with many lawyers restrained from using corporate level advertising in their practice. However, this limitation doesn’t apply to digital marketing, which remains largely unregulated and changes with each new digital technology and social media. Marketing for criminal defense attorneys should largely follow the same script as corporate advertising, but with a higher ethical threshold since legal practice is held up to higher standards and the risks are higher. So, here are a few steps to setting up your criminal defense advertising system succesfully.

Build a Comprehensive and Navigable Website

Your website presents your initial online platform and therefore it should highlight your core competencies and skills. Here is where you will outline you educational background and focus on several milestones in your area of practice. Since criminal defense has a ethical consideration on attorney-client privilege, refrain from directly mentioning your previous clients as testimonials and instead, focus on major areas of jurisprudence you have tackled.

The website should also easily link to social media platforms where you can interact directly with your followers and fans. They will be able to reach you directly for information on new laws or you can also manage a blog to address how new criminal laws can impact society and how your particular approach will be geared to addressing your clients’ concerns.

Choosing the Right Target Market

Criminal defense is a wide field and cased on data science, you can group certain criminal activities within certain geographical area. Choosing your target market involves understanding your core demographics and this is where tools such as google analytics and AdSense come into play. With such digital tools, you can understand your target market better and craft advertising strategies that enable you to create impactful messages.

Use Traditional and Contemporary Criminal Defense Marketing Strategies

Contemporary marketing strategies for criminal defense attorneys utilize digital tools to reach target markets, but you should also use traditional advertising tools such as newspapers, magazines and brochures to get your message across. Most clients tend to be wary of digital processes for fear of their privacy and confidentiality and therefore, by combining both traditional and digital tools, you can completely cover your market, offering them the certainty they need.

Overall, digital advertising platforms have worked wonders for the corporate world and professionals such as attorneys need to capitalize on the new advertising platforms on offer. By combining social media, websites and even blogging, lawyers can leverage on new technologies to gain market share and advertise their services to a larger audience.