Criminal Defense Marketing 101 for Beginners

Criminal defense lawyers are slowly starting to adapt to the realities of a highly digital world. With digital marketing, more businesses have found ways to reach more clients and by doing so, they have grown other businesses that are too slow to adapt. The same is happening with criminal law, in that attorneys with a greater understanding of their craft have to compete even harder with new, younger ones who are more adept at digital marketing.

Younger clients simply have to Google ‘criminal defense attorneys near me’ and they will receive several pages of recommendations, and this is where they win the game over older, more experienced lawyers. However learning criminal defense advertising is not rocket science and you can start to build your business faster once you learn the ropes.

What is Criminal Defense Advertising?

Criminal defense advertising is simply any avenue for advertising your criminal defense practice. However, from a contemporary viewpoint, it refers to the tools and strategies for leveraging on digital tools to make your business known and your brand identity to last longer. With many competitors, you need to stand out and that’s why criminal defense attorney advertising must incorporate digital processes and tools such as websites and social media to gain more clients.

The first step in criminal defense marketing is to build a robust online presence. A website is a good starting point since it introduces you and your skills to the world. There are some unwritten rules as to the type of content you can post on your website. Since it’s a professional site you need to consider ethical content and not post private information of other people and especially of your client. You should also keep it simple and neat so that visitors can quickly see what areas of practice you specialize in and how to contact you when necessary.

How to Improve your Search Rankings

Now that you have a working website, you need to get great content that your visitors will find informative. Since you are a criminal defense attorney, most of your content should be about criminal law and how it affects the public. You can review various laws, but refrain from reviewing them directly on your website since this will only make it bulky. Instead, create a separate site such as a blogging site where you can freely express your thoughts and link back to your website to redirect traffic.

The advantage of a blog is that you can receive direct feedback on your content and also answer questions from the public on your work. However, the task doesn’t stop there. You need to ensure your blog and sites rank higher and the best way to do this is by using Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Google adwords. These tools will ensure you content is seen more and faster than your competition and using highly analytical tools, you can know which keywords are used within your target market.

Overall, criminal defense marketing is an important part of your advertising since it will not only bring you business, but also build your brand.