Brand Building Using Criminal Defense Marketing

Searching for a criminal defense attorney has gotten a bit difficult since there are now hundreds of advertising platforms and newspapers, each with several attorneys advertising. For criminal defense attorneys, the same difficult when marketing to new clients also appears and this is largely because viewership and readership have plummeted for several years and the only recourse is to shift to digital technologies which many lawyers are not experienced in.

However, it is crucial to make this shift sooner than later because criminal defense advertising cannot survive without digital media. Digital media offers a wider audience and this is especially useful for criminal defense attorney since their need is basically to acquire new clients and not necessarily to retain previous ones. This one-off type of marketing requires a different approach from other businesses and that’s why law firms have to be in control of their content marketing and be at the forefront when building their own websites and social media sites.

Websites Optimized for Criminal Defense Advertising

The first thing to consider when building your law firm’s website is that it should be clean and not too cluttered. Ensure you focus on your skills and competencies, and if working with a team, ensure there are clear photographs of every attorney in your firm. This is because identity is a crucial part in marketing for criminal defense attorneys since they will be representing the accused in court as individual attorneys and not as a law firm.

Furthermore, you need to create the right content for your website and social sites. Content creation is not difficult once you understand your target market. Ensure you maintain a smooth flow and the language is professional and formal. Using complex legal terminologies has proven not to work since many people visiting your website are not lawyers and don’t understand the complex jargon. Ensure you communicate consistently and focus on highlighting where you are strongly suited.

Using Testimonials and Referrals

Testimonials and referrals are very crucial in business as people trust friends and peers when dealing with new businesses or services. Since legal services are confidential they require the highest level of confidentiality and integrity and therefore when reaching out to new clients desist from mentioning your previous clients unless the clients are okay or have initiated the testimonial. Overall, don’t post private matters on your website or mention clients by name as this may present a risk to their privacy and safety.

Your website is an indication of your professionalism. Therefore ensure it is safe from hackers and this also extends to your social media platforms. It is okay to higher people outside the legal profession to maintain your website, however, you should insist that all content moderation is done by a qualified lawyer. In essence, content creation and moderation is important if you are to maintain the same messaging whilst also answering crucial questions posed by your potential clients. This is the best way to ensure professionalism and integrity in your practice.