We have been running retargeting campaigns for our clients for nine years. A fairly recent development is the ability to show pre-roll video ads on YouTube to visitors who have been to your website. This is a powerful new development for many reasons.  Below you can see our YouTube retargeting video. Now that you visited our website hopefully you will see our video show up when you are watching YouTube.

This is a very low cost way to rope in some of the website visitors who don’t call or fill out your contact form right away.

If you aren’t the right person to create the video then you can at least create the script and hire an actor or actress to do it for you. You should be able to get it done professionally with an actor and camera person for under $1000 by my guess.

Our lead volume has increased after setting this up. Conversion rates for most sites are 10% at best and sometimes much less. This is a great way to reconnect with people for up to 540 days after they have visited your site. You control how long you re-target visitors for. It’s just a totally different medium and gives you another shot to convert website visitors into clients.

This is also a great way to address the question of “why hire us”, “what sets us apart”, and “why hire us now with coronavirus/how we keep you safe”. You can also add your retargeting video to your website.

Here is our retargeting video:


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