If you want to succeed in PPC advertising, there are a number of things that you can do.

PPC managers and independent advertisers spend lots of time working on their management approaches to PPC advertising campaigns in order to find the ultimate marketing strategy for their business online, but there is one thing that nobody should ever do unless looking to commit online advertising suicide.

The worst error that you can ever make when working on your PPC advertising campaign is…

…to change something in your campaign without having a desired goal in mind from making that change.

Why is this the worst error that anyone can ever make in PPC advertising?
Making changes to your PPC advertising campaign without having a goal in mind means that you do not know WHY you are making the change.

If you don’t know why you are making the change, there really is not logical reason to make it and there will be no way of judging whether or not the change was a positive one if you don’t set out a clear goal for that change from the very beginning.

Imagine building an extension at the back of your house without knowing first why you want the extension, what it will be used for and what you want it to look like or be useful for once finished. You would NEVER do this.

You would NEVER give good money to a builder to make this kind of extension to your house without a clear goal in mind, so why pay out good money on your PPC advertising campaign unless you know why you want to make the change you have outlined and what could happen to make that change a success? It simply doesn’t make any sense!

What can you do to prevent yourself from ever making this terrible PPC advertising error?
The obvious thing to do to make sure that you never make this error is to consciously lay out (or even write down) what your goal is, what you expect the happen from the change that you are going to make and what you would consider to be a successful outcome from that change after a specific amount of time.

For instance, you might decide to make one change to your bidding strategy in order to get the same amount of conversion for more money and you may decide that the change you make will be reviewed after three weeks.

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If at the end of the three week period your conversion cost has not reduced, or even if it has unfortunately increased, you will know what you need to do to reverse the change and no real harm to your PPC advertising campaign will have been done.

You might decide to make one change to your use of negative keywords to see if this helps to increase click through rate and better target your specific online audience. You could choose to add five more negative keywords at a time and readjust every two weeks after gathering appropriate data on changes made to the type of traffic landing on your site.

How is this fatal error linked to testing in PPC advertising and the success of that testing?
Making changes and running tests in a systematic way go hand in hand. If you choose to make changes without knowing what you want to achieve and without knowing when you are going to reassess and if you then keep adding to those changes with more changes without retracing your steps and testing accurately with one variable at a time, you might end up turning a fairly effective PPC advertising campaign into a complete failure.

The important thing to remember is to avoid making the worst error imaginable in PPC advertising by making one change at a time and then testing each change under controlled conditions. Follow each test through from start to finish before making a second change and running a second test. In this way there will always be a way of going back to repair any changes made that didn’t work for campaign with ease.