Do you have a link building strategy or do you simply send a few articles out to other websites every now and then and hope for the best?
Link building is one of the best and free ways of building up the strength and credibility of your website. It is also a great way of driving traffic to your site too. However, if you are hoping to generate links without having a real link building strategy in place, which you monitor and update accordingly, you are doing your site a substantial disservice.

What should be included in the average link building strategy?

The term “link building strategy” implies a great deal of information in the title alone. “Strategy” signifies that time, thought and real consideration has gone into the development of whatever matter might be at hand. Therefore in order to generate an effective link building strategy, a plan must be put in place.
That plan or strategy must include the following elements for ultimate online marketing success:

  1. The development of regular, useful, innovative content
  2. The constant support of social marketing channels
  3. A regular, rather than an overuse, of link bait content items
  4. The collaboration of different teams across the marketing department (if your company is fairly large and this is applicable to you)

By ensuring that at least the first three items on the list above are clearly in place, a kind of link building strategy will naturally evolve. To make your link building strategy work as well as possible, an analysis of the kind of content you produce, the style you adopt when posting on social networks and the way in which you generate link bait content will have to be assessed in more depth.
However, just by considering the item

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