Can someone review my Google ads account for free?

What are the advantages of Google Ads?

Google ads allows you to show up at the top of search engine results immediately, schedule your ads to run anytime, control your daily budget, and calculate the success of your campaigns. Additional advantages of PPC on Google Ads are:

  • huge customer base from all over the world
  • huge number of Google searches
  • benefits outweigh the costs
  • and many more benefits listed here

How do I prevent overbidding on Google Ads PPC keywords?

White Label Google Ads Management

Google Ads management cost?

What sets your PPC management company apart?

What are the best bankruptcy attorney PPC keywords?

What are the best personal injury attorney PPC keywords?

The most successful personal injury attorney PPC keywords are:

  • accident attorney
  • accident lawyer
  • car accident attorneys
  • car accident lawyer
  • car crash attorney
  • car crash lawyer
  • injury attorney
  • injury lawyer
  • personal injury attorney
  • personal injury attorneys
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  • personal injury lawyers

What are the best family law PPC keywords?

The most successful family law PPC keywords are:

  • divorce attorney
  • divorce lawyer
  • family law attorney
  • family law lawyer
  • uncontested divorce

What are the best criminal law attorney keywords?

The most successful criminal PPC keywords are:

  • assault lawyers
  • attorney {city} criminal
  • criminal lawyers
  • domestic violence defense attorney
  • domestic violence lawyers
  • expunge your record
  • expunged record
  • how to expunge a record
  • probation lawyers
  • theft lawyers

What are the best drug rehab PPC keywords?

The most successful drug rehab PPC keywords are:

  • alcohol abuse center
  • alcohol abuse centers
  • alcohol abuse clinic
  • alcohol abuse clinics
  • alcohol abuse program
  • alcohol abuse programs
  • alcohol abuse rehab
  • alcohol abuse rehabilitation
  • alcohol abuse service
  • alcohol abuse services
  • alcohol abuse treatment
  • alcohol abuse treatments
  • alcohol addiction center
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  • alcohol addiction clinic
  • alcohol addiction clinics

What are the best cosmetic surgery PPC keywords?

The most successful cosmetic surgery PPC keywords are:

  • breast augmentation
  • breast enhancement surgery
  • breast lift cost
  • breast reduction doctor
  • lipo center
  • lipo cost
  • liposuction
  • liposuction cost
  • liposuction surgery
  • tummy tuck cost

PPC (Pay Per Click)

Pay Per Click is the form of online advertising that you have to pay for.

Paid Advertisements

These are the advertisements that are listed on the right hand side of a SERP. They are the advertisements that have been paid for and are generated for a number of reasons that are different to that of the organic listings.

Organic Search

These are the search listings that appear on the left hand side of a SERP. They are generated by Google by matching websites with the internet keyword used in the engine search request. The websites listed are provided because the search keywords best match the keywords found on the content of those sites. The listings are free. Search engines, such as Google, do not receive payment for listing these results.

CPC (Cost Per Click)

The CPC is the amount an advertiser pays each time a user clicks on his/her ad. Google AdWords has a CPC pricing system that is based on a bidding system. This means CPC can vary throughout the day depending on competitors amongst other things.

CTR (Click Through Rate)

When a paid advertisement appears on a SERP, the possibility exists that an internet searcher may well click on that advertisement. The CTR is the amount of times an internet user clicks on the advertisement in comparison to the amount of times the search engine displays the advertisement. For example, if Google shows an advertisement 100 times in a month and out of those 100 times, 25 internet users actually click on the advertisement, then the CTR is 25%. The higher the CTR, the better the advertising campaign actually is because it affects quality score.

SERP (Search Engine Results Page)

This is the page presented after an internet user types a keyword or keyword phrase into a search engine toolbar. It presents the internet user with a series of links to websites that match what that user is looking for. Some are paid advertisements and some are organic listings, generated automatically by the search engine itself.


This is one of the most important elements of PPC Advertising that everyone should understand. If an internet user arrives to your website and then does whatever it is that you want them to do, they create what is known as a conversion. For example, a conversion could be buying a product, it could be signing up to join a newsletter, it could be filling in a form to share contact details, anything. What you want them to do is irrelevant in many respects. It is whether they do it or not that is important; whether they “convert” or not.

Ad Group

Every advertisement that you create as part of a PPC campaign must then be part of an ad group. The more specific the ad group, the better the campaign will run overall.