Presumably Google must have given permission for its company to feature as the main backdrop to the new film, “The Internship,” starring Vince Vaughn and Owen Wilson and due to be released in cinemas next year. Google AdWords Advertisers are naturally on the edge of their seats to see how the online marketing mother ship fairs on the red carpet in the months to come.

The question is will “The Internship” be as successful as Facebook’s representation in the glittering Hollywood production, “The Social Network,” or will it fall strangely flat on its face?

The basic plot features Vaughn and Wilson as two 40-somethings, looking to start their careers over from scratch by joining the internship team at Google in an effort to begin working their way from the bottom up for one of the world’s most beloved search engine giants.

The problem is that Vaughn and Wilson’s representation of intern life at Google – free food, endless hours of ping pong games and nap-taking – is not at all accurate. It is doubtful that the real Google interns, who are also at the top of their game before they even get to the Google intern stage, are going to be too impressed with the poor consistency that the film intends to project.

However, maybe it might be an opportunity for those of us who love Google to just sit back and have a good old laugh at what we all know is just the regular Vaughn and Wilson cinema fun. Only time will tell.

What is for certain is that Google’s popularity knows no bounds. PPC domination is now a thing of the past. Google is now aiming to get its face firmly planted at the Oscars.

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