Why Are My Social Networking Efforts Not Working?

It is now almost impossible to run a business without being connected in some way to social media networks. LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter and the like are excellent and necessary forums for promoting your business, driving traffic to your website and creating a brand that your target audience will gradually become familiar with and learn to trust.

Twitter is an excellent social network forum because the structure of the site means that people can only post very short pieces of information at a time which is an excellent way of tapping into the mindset of the average internet user. Twitter also has a very accessible API which means that there are a number of different features, programs and tools that have been created for Twitterers. Therefore the possibilities that exist for online networking through this site are infinite.

However, tweeting a thought on Twitter, creating an account on LinkedIn or developing a Business Page on Facebook is one thing. Making them work for you is another thing entirely. There are huge volumes of social network accounts, pages and profiles floating around on the Internet that are almost if not completely useless to their creators. This is because, as well as uploading content onto these sites you must be aware of the kind of style necessary to generate a buzz. (more…)