Smartphone Paid Search Advertising is The Hottest Holiday Season Campaign

The best Christmas present you can put in your advertising campaign’s stocking this year is a paid search campaign specifically optimized for Smartphone devices.

Internet users and potential customers are going to be locked onto to the Smartphone device from now until 2013. Smart advertisers will start optimizing their Smartphone campaigns today.

Greg Sterling, online marketing expert, explains via the Search Engine Land website how Google anticipates a huge surge in the use of Smartphone devices during the holiday season this year. It is advisable that all online advertisers begin preparing for this shift in online user activity in order to maximize the potential for sales and other kinds of conversions between now and the end of the year.

How do you prepare your campaigns for the increase in Smartphone use during the holidays?

As with any shift in online consumer behavior, it is best to plan ahead and have a strategy in mind. (more…)