SEO is Rubbish! Pay Per Click Advertising is the ONLY way to Advertise Online

(Search Engine Optimization) SEO for most businesses that are aiming to advertise their products and services online is DEAD! It is a pile of nonsense that doesn’t work for the common advertiser; for the average businessman.

Pay Per Click Advertising is THE ONLY form of online advertising that works for the majority of people and I shall explain why…

Pay Per Click is Better than SEOPay Per Click Advertising Makes a Somebody out of a Nobody

1. Most people do not have a well known brand name. This takes years and years of time and effort to develop. If you want to sell products or services online and you need to do it NOW in order to survive financially, SEO (although a free form of online advertising) is NOT going to work. Nobody knows who you are? Why should they search for you? Why should they care who you are, what you sell, what you think??? Pay Per Click Advertising is the BEST in terms of online advertising because it allows small businesses and unknown brands to compete with people who have been advertising online since the beginning. (more…)