New Year Resolutions

When did the tradition of making New Year Resolutions actually begin and why? As far back as most people today can remember, the New Year Resolution has been an annual ingredient of the life of the average Joe.
A few of the most interesting facts concerning New Year Resolutions are as follows:

  • On average, only 50% of people who set themselves resolutions are confident that they will stick to their plans.
  • Only 12% of people actually end up achieving their goals.
  • Men are better at seeing their New Year Resolutions through when they set clear goals and targets; those kind of yes I did itno I didn’t do it or goals.
  • Women see their resolutions through to completion if they make their targets open to others and receive the constant support of their friends.

That got the Webrageous Studios Team to thinking about what kind of resolutions a PPC Manager might make and what kind of conditions are needed to ensure that PPC Managers see their resolutions through to completion.
The team particularly began to think hard about this subject when the notion that most New Year Resolutions are the same resolutions set by the same people year after year was bounced around the table. Do PPC Managers have the same problems? Do we set ourselves New Year Targets only to fail and re-set ourselves those same targets year after year? (more…)