Is Pay Per Click Fraud really a Threat?

What is the truth behind pay per click fraud? Is it getting worse or has it always been around and every now and then the industry suffers from a classic case of Chinese whispers, aimed to frighten pay per click advertisers into investing in pay per click fraud management via expert companies?
As with most industries, it isn’t always smooth running in the pay per click industry. There are lots of issues that the pay per click advertiser must deal with on a day to day basis and this includes click fraud. There is no doubt that it exists and it is true that click fraud scam artists are also always looking for ways to get better at what they do.
This means that even if your business has beaten click fraud before, there is no guarantee that you won’t have to battle against it again in the future when you come under attack from a different direction and via a different strategy.
However, a fear of pay per click fraud should never stop interested business owners from using pay per click advertising to market their products and services. Pay per click is an extremely important and effective form of online marketing. Those businesses who do not invest certainly lose out on sales and branding reputation opportunities.

Matt Cutts of Google and other experts on Click Fraud

Matt Cutts, during an interview on Domain masters (which can be listened to as a podcast via this link), reassures the pay per click advertising community about the concerns of click fraud and all that is being done to reduce, control, eradicate click fraud by the masterminds at Google. (more…)