Why is PPC Better than SEO?

Before we touch on any of the reasons as to why PPC Advertising is better for almost any kind of online marketing campaign than SEO, let us just say that SEO is not a complete waste of time. Our intention is not to bad mouth SEO.
SEO can be very effective, particularly when used in conjunction with PPC Advertising Campaigns, and this is not something that we are trying to refute entirely.
However, in our experience, PPC Advertising is better than SEO if you are looking for online marketing results and you want them fast. If speed and profit are the top two aims of your online marketing strategy, PPC is always going to be the best form of online advertising. SEO is always going to be running up behind.
Because SEO takes longer, you have less control over your audience, less control over who you compete with and less control over where your audience navigates to when they go to your site. With SEO you have to cover everything! You have to account for all possible events and this is, quite simply, a huge amount of work. (more…)