Improve PPC Advertising Campaigns by using Graphs and Visual Reports

How can you improve your PPC advertising campaigns by stepping back, using PPC graph tools and visual reports as a way of seeing the overall picture? Consider the following situation…

Pay Per Click RemarketingWhat kind of boss is best? A boss who sits in his or her office all day, crunching numbers and paying attention to no-one, or a boss who spends time walking around the shop floor, seeing what people are doing in action and reviewing the progress of his or her company from an all-round, bird’s eye view perspective?

At Webrageous, we would opt for boss number two.

Sitting in your office, staring at data for hours on end is important in one respect and there are times when all bosses need to sit down with the figures and do some serious in-depth analysis, but it is easy to really lose sight of the big picture when you always work in this work. You cannot see the wood for the trees, as they say, and the same happens to the managers of PPC advertising.

How to improve your PPC advertising campaigns?
If you want to learn how to seriously improve your PPC advertising campaign, you need to learn how to use graph features and visual reporting systems made available to you by the likes of Google AdWords and spend time analyzing your PPC campaigns from a much broader perspective.

Google AdWords ACE Tool Now Available to PPC Advertisers

Google recently announced that the new tool called “AdWords Campaign Experiments” (ACE) is now out of the beta testing stage. Seeing how a lot of other Google tools meant for PPC Management such as the Google Remarketing tool have also passed their stringent beta testing, it is not surprising that the Google AdWords ACE tool will be something that would contribute significantly to the industry.

Why make use of Google AdWords ACE? What is it all about? What can it help you do?

The ACE tool from Google allows advertisers to execute faster and more accurate tests across their campaigns by running an additional experimental campaign alongside the already functioning original. This means that PPC Advertisers take less of a risk each time they make a change to their original campaign.

There is less of a risk involved through the use of the Google AdWords ACE tool because the PPC Advertiser can see the different effects that a new campaign is going to have. The tool allows them to immediately measure the different results achieved between the new campaign and the old campaign that they have already worked hard on to create.

The Google AdWords ACE tool also gives the PPC Advertiser more confidence when it comes to making changes. This means that they are more likely to try new approaches and to optimize their campaigns further. In this way, the PPC Advertiser is also more likely to generate more effective campaigns in general.

Over the next few weeks, most US PPC Advertisers will automatically see an option for selecting the Google ACE tool under “Campaign Settings” when they sign in to Google AdWords. So, keep an eye out for this new tab selection and put the tool into practice on your campaign.