How to Create Lead Conversions

Inbound marketing is a relatively new term in the marketing community and marketers are still fine-tuning their systems to fully use it to their advantage. The most essential element of the inbound marketing toolkit is the lead conversion process.

The conversion process is the bread and butter of any inbound marketing program. Without a seamless and fully-integrated conversion process you are basically wasting your time and money on efforts that will never convert into revenue. So it is essential that you take the time to convert those leads that you work so hard to bring to your landing pages. Once you get them to the web page that you want them on, this brings them to the conversion process so you can capture those lead conversions.

There are various methods you can utilize to bring your prospects to your desired landing pages prior to getting them to complete the conversion. You will want to subscribe to this blog as I will go in depth on each marketing channel in the weeks to come. For now, let’s make sure you understand how to complete the conversion process so you can capture those leads when they visit your landing page!

  1. Create an offer that is relevant to your contacts. Pay attention to where your contacts are in the funnel. Are they cold contacts? Then an eBook would be good to gain interest. Are they a current customer that you are trying to upsell? A relevant checklist would be good. Have they already showed interest in your product offerings? Offer them a demo or a coupon for enrollment!
  2. Host that offer on a thank you page and/or with a follow-up email. You must deliver the promised content once they submit their information to you. You can host your content on a thank you page or deliver it in a follow-up email. You could also deliver the content upon conversion by including a content link in the associated form in step 3.
  3. Create the landing page with an integrated form. There are many programs that you can create a landing page with, but the most important part is to integrate a form with the landing page that will capture those submissions! This submission form will direct the contact to the content whether it is hosted on a thank you page, delivered automatically through a content link, or delivered in an automated email.
  4. Then you will want to segment your acquired lead lists for email marketing purposes!

Now that you have completed and refined your conversion process you are ready to begin driving traffic to your website to generate those leads you worked so hard to convert. Webrageous can help you maximize campaign performance and avoid wasting your ad spend on ineffective keyword techniques. Our team of search marketing experts stay continually up to date on the latest advancements with both Google AdWords and Bing Ads, so you can be sure that you’re getting the best results possible from your ad campaigns under our management. Contact us today for a consultation to see how you can grow your PPC advertising efforts successfully.

10 Powerful Case Studies for Selling Social Media

Challenges in Selling Social Media

Selling Social MediaFor businesses, there is both a fierce attraction and an intense fear of selling social media. While it is a cost-effective but powerful way to connect with customers, both new and established, it is also seen as a medium with very little control and with a level of immediacy that is not as compatible with corporate hierarchy, even for medium-sized businesses.
For businesses accustomed to press releases and ad campaigns, selling social media can be a frightening thing. However, with the risk comes the potential for great rewards and many businesses that have seized these opportunities have done very well.

Selling Social Media: Who Did It Right?

Here are ten great examples of businesses that banked on the benefits of selling social media and had their efforts pay off in a big way. (more…)

Learn How to Swim with the Big Fish in Online Marketing

One of the best things about online marketing is that the smaller businesses can swim amongst the big ones and still come out on top.

Your company might be the size of a guppy, but it can have the power of a whale with an online advertising campaign that is managed correctly.

Online MarketingIf you are a large company or a small one, you can still rank highly on the Google Search Engine Results Page and have you advertisements seen by the largest online audience in existence today. This is why online marketing is the best form of advertising in general for any business in any field.

Naturally, no company can just expect to surge straight to the top of the Search Engine Results Page and stay there (this is the important thing to note) without having any knowledge of how to market themselves properly, which is why we have designed this post for you today. (more…)

What is Pay Per Click?

Pay Per Click BasicsIf you search the Internet you’ll find lots of information on Pay Per Click Tools, Pay Per Click Management Ideas and Pay Per Click Tips, just to name a few, but what happens if you just want the bare basics?
What happens if you simply want to know what Pay Per Click actually is? What happens if you’re just searching for a simple definition of the term Pay Per Click? Where do you go?
You don’t have to go anywhere. You’re in the right place already. Pay Per Click, quite simply, is a form of Paid Online Advertising that is offered by a number of different networks and major search engines to anyone with the cash to market themselves.
For instance, there are online marketers who advertise via Google AdWords Pay Per Click, MSN AdCenter Pay Per Click, LinkedIn Pay Per Click and Facebook Pay Per Click Advertising, to name some of the most popular examples.
If you are advertising through Google AdWords, you’ll be charged by Google every time someone clicks on one of your Pay Per Click advertisements shown on the Google Search Listings Page (SERP). There is also the option to be charged every time Google displays your advertisement too if you’re marketing through Pay Per Click. However, most people choose the Cost Per Click option with Google AdWords. (more…)

Content Network Online Marketing: Effective and Efficient

Content Network Online MarketingOnline Marketing through the Content Network is an excellent way of improving the manner in which you reach the audience that you know are going to be interested in your product, business or service.
Sadly, many PPC Managers and Advertisers ignore the power of Content Network online marketing because they simply have not done enough research into the matter, or they do not make the most out of what it can actually do. When used at its optimum however, it can actually help work wonders on any campaign.

The Truth About Content Network Online Marketing

The Content Network has received a fair bit of negative press in the past. Rumors wander the Internet about the quality and effectiveness of Content Network online marketing. However, a lot of this information are sadly untrue and are mere misrepresentations of a form of online marketing that can generate excellent results for the PPC Advertiser.
Webrageous Studios, for instance, has generated a great deal of success for its clients through the Content Network and it has found this forum to be an excellent form of online marketing for clients from a number of different backgrounds. It is well worth doing a little more research into the notion of Content Network online marketing and for this reason, two detailed articles on the subject are listed below for further reading:

  • Online Marketing Through the Content Network
  • The Basics of the Content Network
    In addition, if you have additional questions about how you can make the most out of Content Network online marketing that have not been answered in either of the two articles above, be sure to contact Webrageous Studios directly. Webrageous has had a lot of successful experience in using the Content Network as a form of online marketing with a number of its clients. Therefore, any questions that you may have would be very welcome indeed.

    Social Media Networking is Great for Online Marketing Success

    Social Media Networking is a free form of online marketing and can be incredibly successful. However, it is really important that lots of effort and time is put into this form of online marketing because, without time and effort, results through social media networks can be disappointing.


    The difficulty with social media networking is that in order to have any effect the online marketer must be incredibly active. (more…)

    3 Reasons to begin promoting to a US Hispanic audience

    promoting online to a hispanic audienceThere are three main reasons why US businesses should begin considering the possibility of promoting themselves more towards a Hispanic audience. These three reasons are as follows:

    1. There are 46.3 million Hispanics living in the US today.
    2. 20.9 million of these US Hispanics are very active online users.
    3. Spanish language online keywords cost considerably less than their English language equivalents.

    The question therefore is not whether promoting towards a US Hispanic audience is worthwhile in general. The above three facts clearly give good reason for thinking about approaching a US Hispanic demographic as part of any PPC campaign that you are managing. The question is simply whether your particular business or the PPC client’s business for whom you work is a business that would appeal to a US Hispanic audience.

    The following is a quick tip list for testing out your PPC campaign and business on a US Hispanic audience before actually beginning to spend money on the venture. The tips are quick and easy to implement but they also provide a lot of key information that you can use to assess whether creating a PPC campaign designed to attract the Hispanic population in the US to your website, product or service is a good idea or not.

    The tips are as follows: (more…)

    Can I Market My Business Online Without a Website?

    The short answer to whether a business can be marketed online without having a website is “yes.” In fact, a website that is not being marketed properly will cause more problems and more disappointment than a business without a website in the first place.

    Too many small businesses register a domain name and then do nothing with their site. Even worse, however, those same businesses then also do nothing to promote their worthless website. Their marketing strategies are really poor and as a result little traffic is driven to the site, the business’ reputation and brand doesn’t grow and sales do not increase.

    What is essential in terms of running a business today is developing an active online reputation, managing your online presence and doing everything you can to both better your search listing position and increase your PPC conversions. All three things can be done without having a website. (more…)

    Three Forms of Online Marketing

    The Internet is an incredibly powerful tool for anything and everything in today’s time-conscious world. If not utilizing the Internet in some way already to market a product, service or business, then you will most definitely be one of the very few yet to do so. Maybe you believe that online marketing isn’t really for you; that you really don’t need to make any use of online marketing; that you do just fine without it?

    Perhaps this is true. However, maybe you haven’t considered all the facts? Maybe you haven’t realized that there are many forms of online marketing to take advantage of?

    Below are three of the most popular forms of online marketing, each serving a different purpose and requiring a different approach in order to achieve success.

    1. Online Marketing in the form of PPC (Pay Per Click) Advertising
    2. Online Marketing through Social Media Networking
    3. Online Marketing through Content Network (via websites, blogs, social media networks, etc.)

    Click on each of the links above to read about each form of online marketing in more depth and learn how each form could be useful to both you and your business, service or product.

    Online Marketing has a lot to offer and if you are still not making use of its incredible reach, you really are missing out, despite how good business may appear to be to you on the surface.

    Why Are My Social Networking Efforts Not Working?

    It is now almost impossible to run a business without being connected in some way to social media networks. LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter and the like are excellent and necessary forums for promoting your business, driving traffic to your website and creating a brand that your target audience will gradually become familiar with and learn to trust.

    Twitter is an excellent social network forum because the structure of the site means that people can only post very short pieces of information at a time which is an excellent way of tapping into the mindset of the average internet user. Twitter also has a very accessible API which means that there are a number of different features, programs and tools that have been created for Twitterers. Therefore the possibilities that exist for online networking through this site are infinite.

    However, tweeting a thought on Twitter, creating an account on LinkedIn or developing a Business Page on Facebook is one thing. Making them work for you is another thing entirely. There are huge volumes of social network accounts, pages and profiles floating around on the Internet that are almost if not completely useless to their creators. This is because, as well as uploading content onto these sites you must be aware of the kind of style necessary to generate a buzz. (more…)

    Become an Internet Marketing Specialist

    Imagine that you have hired an experienced PPC Account Manager to manage your PPC campaign and your website has been professionally developed, your conversion rate is increasing and your quality score is looking good.

    Now you’re going to need to find out about programs and tools that exist in order to help you achieve these online marketing goals.

    This post offers a few tips about how to become a ppc Specialist in a few easy steps. (more…)

    Google Export Planning Tool: Market Your Product Abroad

    Any experienced PPC Account Manager or PPC Advertiser knows that one of the most important things to consider when creating a PPC campaign is the demographic of your target audience. Demographics play a crucial role in the creation of advertisement text, keyword development and advertisement placement. Therefore, if thinking about expanding the product sales of your business to other countries, an entirely new PPC campaign should be created. This is where the Google Export Planning Tool comes into play.

    The Google Export Planning Tool: An Overview

    It can be very difficult to market a product for an overseas audience, particularly if there are language barriers in place. Therefore the use of the Google Export Planning Tool, which is still in the BETA testing stage at Google, is an option that could prove to be very helpful indeed. It is a fairly simple tool to use in practice and has the ability to present estimations of traffic, search volumes and the CPC of different advertisements based on the data that you enter when beginning to plan to market abroad. (more…)

    Search Engine Internet Marketing Tips

    Today’s tip focuses on using Twitter as a way in which to improve your search engine marketing campaign in a number of different and creative ways.

    Twitter, unbeknown to some, is not simply a site where you can tweet your friends, contacts, colleagues or followers. Nor is it a site solely for the purpose of letting others know what you happened to do when you woke up that morning in a “Hey…. this is what I am doing right now” kind of a way. (more…)

    What Has Google Remarketing Done For Your PPC Campaign?

    Google Remarketing, one of the best ways in which to generate more conversions from PPC advertising, has been rapidly improving the advertising successes of lots of clients at Webrageous Studios. Indeed, our clients are not alone. The success of this innovative advertising strategy at Google has had a substantial positive effect on a number of advertisers across the board.

    if you already are reaping the results, why not let us know? Send us a brief comment, detailing your personal experiences as a Google Remarketing user. How effective has it truly been for you? What have you been most impressed with? How many conversions did you gain last week from the Google Remarketing program alone? How much more money are you saving as a result of working with Google Remarketing?

    Or….. are you not reaping any results from Google Remarketing? Have you been disappointed by being involved with this new campaign? Maybe Webrageous Studios can help you better the use of this advertising tool and thus make your experience of this innovative PPC advertising strategy more positive in the long run.

    Your first steps to online marketing success

    Online marketing is more than just having a website that shows your company logo and talks about what you do. Online marketing is a complete strategy to connect with people who want what you can do. And it can be very profitable if you do it well.

    Start your online marketing strategy by asking yourself these questions. Your answers will help you build an online marketing program that will serve you well for many years. (more…)