3 Google AdWords New Year Wishes from Webrageous

Google AdWords New Year wishesIf Google AdWords promised you a wish for the New Year, what would you ask for? What Google AdWords developments would make your Google AdWords advertising even more successful than it already is?

Our Google AdWords New Year Wishes

Webrageous has 3 Google AdWords New Year wishes to ask for:

1. Geo-Targeting at the Ad-Group Level

One of our Google AdWords New Year wishes is having Geo-Targeting at the Ad-Group Level. This would give all Pay Per Click Managers at Webrageous the possibility of running more interesting A/B experiments with our campaigns and make it possible to optimize better and encourage better results for our clients.
If the New Year could prompt Google AdWords to make such a development, we would be a group of very happy Pay Per Click Managers.

2. Historical Quality Score Reports

Webrageous would also love to see Google AdWords develop a new set of reports which shows how our quality scores have changed over time.
Considering how important Quality Score is to the pay per click campaigns that we manage, it makes sense to have a report which really focuses on the developments that we make in this particular area over time. Of course, this would be one of our most solemn Google AdWords New Year wishes that we would like to come true.
A Historical Quality Score Report would help us to better optimize our campaigns, without a doubt, and be a fantastic resource for reporting back to our clients too.

3. Longer Holidays for Pay Per Click Managers!

The Pay Per Click Managers at Webrageous work non-stop, all year round. We love our work, but we need a break. This is why one of our biggest Google AdWords New Year wishes is for Google AdWords to come up with a way for us to take a long holiday at some point in the year without having to stop running the campaigns for our important clients at the same time. Perhaps a robot who would take over our roles and do our work for us!
This would be a truly outstanding contribution to the working environment for our Google AdWords Managers. It would keep us smiling for many years to come :-)
What about you? What are your Google AdWords New Year wishes?
If you have ideas about what you would like to see developed at Google AdWords in the New Year, do write to us and let us know. Our Pay Per Click Managers would love to hear about your ideas.

Pay Per Click Advertising Improvements

Have you ever felt like all you do as a Pay Per Click Advertiser is run around in circles on a wheel in a cage like a gerbil? The feeling is shared by many. You’re not on your own and the reason is because the “improvements” that Pay Per Click Advertisers continue to make to their campaigns are not really doing any good in the long-term.

Better said, the “improvements” that inexperienced Pay Per Click Advertisers make to their campaigns are not really doing any long-term good for their online advertising reputation.

Pay Per Click Advisers, like Webrageous Studios for example, are able to make progress which stands the test of online advertising time, but this is only thanks to sheer hard work over many years in the business.
Therefore, if you are running your own Pay Per Click campaigns via Google AdWords, it is probably best that you follow some of the free advice given in this post by Webrageous Studios today.

Pay Per Click Improvements

We will be sharing with you a number of ways in which to stop running around in Pay Per Click circles like a gerbil in a cage. We will guide you towards the things you need to be investing time into in order to achieve Pay Per Click success that can be maintained for longer than a week. (more…)