Paid search advertising will always achieve the best results when it is simple, when it is approached in the simplest of ways and when it does nothing to ever confuse the internet user even in the slightest sense.

The first thing that an internet user is going to come into contact with in the paid search advertising process is one of your paid search advertisements. Therefore, the paid search advertising experts at Webrageous suggest to make them simple.

If you are selling sportswear, tell the internet user that you are selling sportswear. If you are selling sportswear that is discounted during the festive period, tell the internet user that you are selling discounted sportswear during that time. If you are selling discounted sportswear during the festive period to women, then say that in your paid search advertisements.
Keep things simple. Keep things clear. Keep things focused.
If your paid search advertising is simple, clear and focused, the internet user is going to be a lot happier and will find clicking on your advertisement a whole lot easier too.

Simple paid search advertising headlines create success

Take a look at the headline examples for some paid search advertisements below:

  • Buy New Sportswear
  • Buy Discounted Sportswear in December
  • Buy Discounted Female Sportswear in December

Each headline is very simple and clearly focused on advertising exactly what is being offered. There is no need in paid search advertising to say more.
There is no need, and indeed no advantage, in saying more. More information, including words like, “great, quality or now,” will only confuse the internet user and even confuse the internet search network into not showing your advertisement because of these extra keywords.

Simple paid search advertising landing pages create success

The more and more we test different theories and approaches to paid search advertising, the more we realize that landing page structure and usability are essential to paid search advertising success.
If your landing pages deliver what the advertisements promise, you are more likely to achieve paid search advertising success. If your landing pages are simple to use and clearly organized and they require little thought or exploration, the internet user is more liable to convert.
Landing pages must be simple. No scrolling should be required to complete the conversion and keywords that were used in the advertisements must be placed on the landing pages too.
If the internet user clicks on the advertisement for discounted sportswear for women, there should be nothing on that landing page related to male sportswear. Keep everything clear, simple and focused and your paid search advertising will start to improve in no time.

Think like an internet user and simple paid search advertising will come naturally

When working on your paid search advertising, think like an internet user.
When you, as an internet user, are looking for something and you use a search engine to help you, you think simply and clearly to begin with and sometimes you start to refine your search as you go depending on the information that you are presented with.
Therefore, if you want to be effective in paid search advertising, you must remember what it is like to be an internet user and use this understanding from the other side of the advertising fence.
If you are looking for evening shoes, you will use the term evening shoes in your search. You might classify that search a little further with a brand name or a qualifying keyword such as “cheap, elegant or pink,” but little more than that. Therefore, the headlines, landing pages and content (articles headlines, etc.) that you use in your paid search advertising should also adopt this very simple and focused approach.

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