Not everyone gets a second shot when they put their product or service out on the market and their advertising campaign fails to reach their potential clients. So if you were given a second shot, you’d jump at it, wouldn’t you?

The Google Display Network is a fantastic way of targeting your company’s advertisements to pages that are related to the product or service you’re offering.
But what happens if a potential customer clicks away from your site before properly taking it in or by accident? Remarketing is a great way to get a second chance at converting searchers into buyers.
By remarketing on the Google Display Network, you can target people who have clicked on your advertisement. Google places your advertisements throughout the Google Display Network as people continue to search. This increases the chance that someone will revisit your site and go from searcher to buyer.
Here are some of the advantages of remarketing on the Google Display Network:

It matches your message to people interested in hearing it

With remarketing, you can find customers who have already shown interest in your product or service by visiting your website and show them relevant advertisements across the Google Display Network.
The Google Display Network allows you to reach users on your remarketing lists who visit the large group of websites, email programs, blogs and other products that have partnered with Google to display AdWords advertisements on their sites.
You can reach those potential customers various times in a month, week, or even in just one day.

Create custom list combinations

In order to reach the exact right customers interested in your product or service, Google allows you to combine remarketing lists, interest categories or both. This is a great way of showing your advertisements only to the people who you want to target on the Google Display Network.
So if you only want to reach visitors to your site who haven’t made a purchase or a conversion yet then you can create a list of users who made a conversion. You can then create a custom combination that through remarketing allows you to show your advertisement to people who have visited your site minus those who bought something.
Remarketing can also be combined with contextual targeting as well as frequency capping and other proprietary technology.

It has the same pricing system as other Display Network campaigns

Remarketing allows you the same pricing flexibility as all other Google Display Network campaigns. All you have to do is select the maximum amount you want to pay per click, conversion, or impression.
Remarketing is available on the Audiences tab, and is one of the features of interest-based advertising. So only those interested in your product will see your advertisement on the Google Display Network through remarketing.
For more information on remarketing on the Google Display Network, contact Google AdWords specialists Webrageous. We can advise you about the best ways to target your advertisements to revisiting customers and provide expert management.
So call us today for more information about remarketing on the Google Display Network.
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