Testing your PPC Campaign is one of the most important things to do as PPC Manager. If a PPC Campaign is running without being tested, without being optimized, then money is basically being thrown away.
The only that a PPC Campaign can even hope to work successfully is if different ideas are tried and tested; if different avenues are explored.
The problem is that when you are new to PPC Advertising and PPC Management, running tests can be a little daunting. Many new PPC Managers are frightened that they may choose to change an element of their PPC Campaign and run a test that is completely pointless and that is not only not going to improve their PPC Campaign, but is in fact going to ruin the good that the PPC Campaign is actually managing to achieve at that present moment in time.
Therefore, there are a few cheating PPC optimization tricks that can be understood to give new PPC Managers a heads-up regarding the management of a PPC Campaign and help PPC Managers to feel a little less frightened and a lot more in control of what they are doing and what the results of their actions might be.
As time progresses, the PPC Manager will be able to predict for themselves what a change to a PPC Campaign might do for that campaign, but in the early stages of development, the PPC Optimization Beginner Checklist provides an excellent source of information that acts as a little friend in this time of PPC Management youth.