Are you running a paid ad campaign? Don’t forget about ad extensions, which are critical for making the most of your search ads. Some extensions are added automatically, but others require work on your part, so it’s important to know the difference. We asked a panel of professionals to share their thoughts on which extensions yield the most benefits. Read on to learn more.
Abir Syed

Abir Syed

Abir Syed, a CPA and digital marketing consultant focused on helping accountants get more leads. Web: upcounting


I’m a fan of sitelink extensions. Firstly, they are probably the most effective at showing a viewer the various types of content or categories of products you have on your site, much more so than Callout or Structured Snippets. Secondly, they send people to exactly where they’re most interested in going, which reduces friction for the visitor. And thirdly, they take up the biggest amount of space, with a big headline and description.

Site link and review extensions

The best ad extensions are site link extensions and review extensions. Sitelink extensions are helpful because you can send potential customers to specific pages and offer several page choices that could interest your audience. Review extension is great because they validate you as a company, and in my experience, raise your CTR. I don’t know what it is about those 5 stars, but they certainly have an effect on most audiences.

Konstantinos Tsilkos, MD

Konstantinos Tsilkos, MD

Konstantinos Tsilkos works with PharMed, a digital marketing company run by doctors, for doctors.
Stacy Caprio

Stacy Caprio

Stacy Caprio, Founder of Accelerated Growth Marketing.

Callout extensions

I find callout extensions to be one of the most useful because they tend to be shown when you are in one of the top positions. This causes your ad to expand and become much bigger, making the CTR much higher. I recommend applying account-wide callout extensions to every campaign you run to increase ad visibility and CTR.


Sitelinks will always be the most powerful site link. However, the key to get the most out of site links is to ensure you are adding the descriptions in. When shown, this creates an undeniable dominance in the SERPS as an authoritative website and can increase CTR significantly, which is the objective. Ensure you are using unique URLS on each site link.

Location Extensions are an imperative PPC Sitelink for any brick-and-mortar location. They show in the local pack and provide all the benefits of the local pack, including strong CTR. They show potential customers where you are located and opening hours before they’ve even clicked through. Very powerful.

Paula Glynn

Paula Glynn

Paula Glynn, Director of Search of Pixelstorm.
Emily Sugano

Emily Sugano

Emily Sugano has 10 years of digital marketing experience. She has held in-house and agency positions as well as worked across various verticals to manage multi-million dollar SEM accounts. Web:

Sitelinks, review and location extension

It really depends on your goals and industry but sitelinks with filled-out description lines can take up the most real estate on the search engine results page, and it is one of the easiest ad extensions to implement. However, the review extension may be most beneficial for retailers while location extension is the most useful for brick-and-mortar stores. In the end, think about what matters most to your customers and how they search for you.

Promotion ad extension

One of the most useful ad extensions our digital marketing agency uses is the promotion ad extension.

We use the promotion extension when we want to increase our clientele’s ad click-through-rate (CTR) and when they’re offering a discount to their customers. A promotion extension lets you add discount copywriting to your Google ads.

Google Ads lets you pick the occasion for the promotion in the extension settings and the name of your service/product you’re promoting. It also lets you choose whether the promo is a monetary or percent discount.

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This is an extension all PPC specialists should be using. What customer doesn’t like a discount? It makes consumers click your ads over competing advertisers. I’m surprised not a lot more people are using this extension!

John Pinedo

John Pinedo is the Co-founder of Instinct Marketing. He helps business owners get more traffic to their websites with SEO and PPC traffic.

Robert Stand

Rob Stand works at seobetter.

The most useful tool I have found for Facebook ads and AdWords is It changes your bidding strategy based on AI intelligence to reach your target audience effectively.

Based on growth opportunities this PPC addon will make suggestions and tell you the actions that are needed to save money or get more conversions.

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