If you are new to the world of PPC (Pay Per Click) Management and you are about to embark on a journey into the land of Google AdWords and PPC campaigns, then the PPC Dictionary for Beginners available to read on the Webrageous Studios Website is probably an excellent place for you to start.
There are a total of 15 different PPC terms explained in simple terms for PPC advertising novices in the article and we hope that this PPC Dictionary for Beginners will provide a solid basis for anyone needing a little help at the beginning of their online advertising career without too much difficulty.
In addition to the dictionary definitions of basic PPC Advertising terms, a number of links have been included throughout the list too. They are links to detailed articles and blog posts from the Webrageous Studios Website that explain in further depth many of the subject matters that are included in the PPC Dictionary for Beginners.
By clicking on the links included, you will be able to understand in more detail any subject that you feel is most relevant to you or that which you feel you need more clarification on. In this way, all PPC Beginners reading the PPC Dictionary for Beginners are able to have total control over their PPC needs from the very beginning.
Hopefully, by having access to the PPC Dictionary for Beginners at any time, the huge amount of jargon that you will need to become familiar with will pose less of a problem and will appear to be less frightening during these early stages.
Therefore, without further introductions, welcome to the Webrageous Studios’ PPC Dictionary for Beginners!