Placement Targeting is a method of PPC Advertising which Google AdWords Advertisers can make use of if working within the Content or Display Network as opposed to Paid Search.

Placement Targeting is like baking a cake because:

  • you personally select you ingredients (the websites you are going to advertise on)
  • you put these ingredients into your bowl (your PPC Advertising Campaign)
  • mix everything together (you do this by creating advertisement text that will attract people who are going to enjoy eating your PPC Advertising Cake)
  • set the oven to the right temperature (you choose the right heat and length of cooking time for your cake)
  • you wait for the perfect tasty result to come from all of your hard work (a conversion)

Do you want to learn how to make the basic PPC Campaign recipe for a Display Network Cake through Google AdWords and Placement Targeting?

If you do, then follow the link above to find further instructions on the subject above provided by Webrageous Studios.

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