The usual approach to Pay Per Click Budget is to use it to cover keywords that are relevant to your business field. Few of the smaller companies which advertise online use their budget to Increase Brand Awareness, simply because there is just not enough money to feed this kind of advertising.

Increase Brand Awareness, Not Budget

If you are a large company, Increasing Brand Awareness through Pay Per Click makes a lot of financial sense because it is likely that your audience is already searching for your company by brand. This means that you are probably going to make back what you spend from your Pay Per Click Budget in the form of conversions from your branding keywords and advertisements.

However, small businesses just do not have the capital to spend on building up their brand names through Pay Per Click. It requires too much money from smaller businesses and offers little back in terms of conversions and ROI.

Or is this just a myth?

What if Webrageous Studios could explain to all the small business managers out there how to begin Increasing Brand Awareness of their small companies without Increasing their Pay Per Click Budgets? Would you be interested in looking into these developments and investing a little more time into this area?

Webrageous Studios can show you how to better organize keywords and keyword match types in order to work on Increasing Brand Awareness without Increasing Budget in just five simple steps.

In our detailed article, entitled Increase Brand Awareness, Not Your Advertising Budget, Webrageous Studios covers the following five steps to Branding on a Budget:

Keyword Identification and Separation
Match Type Optimization
Budget Allocation
Exact Match Spend Acceleration
Negative Keywords

Why is it important to consider marketing your brand as much as the services/products that you offer, even if you are a relatively small company?

  • Brand Keywords generally cost less, because they are fewer (if any) people bidding on your Brand Keywords
  • Your company has a better chance of developing long-lasting customers/clients through Branding
  • If your company branding is good, it makes it a lot easier for people to find you and come back to visit your website again at a later date, or for people to seek you out based on word-of-mouth advertising

In short, an Increase in Brand Awareness is an investment for life, whereas working on keywords which only describe the services/products you provide is not as long-lasting and way more competitive. Product/Service keyword development is a quick fix and you may find that you change the keywords you bid on in these instances fairly frequently. Brand Awareness is well worth the Pay Per Click Budget that you allocate to it, because when done well can be a constant for you and your business.

If you can build up your brand, you are building on those keywords for life. So, read the article mentioned above and find out how your small business can still focus on Brand Awareness without Increasing Pay Per Click Budget today.

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