Google AdWords Pay Per Click is not easy to master and many new advertisers who decide to go it alone instead of Outsourcing their Pay Per Click Management to an expert company make mistakes without even realizing it. Webrageous wants to pass on some Pay Per Click Advice to these novice advertisers from its years of management experience.
Naturally, errors in Pay Per Click Management exist all over the place and even experienced Pay Per Click Managers make errors with their campaigns from time to time. Therefore the Pay Per Click Advice that Webrageous intends to share with readers today cannot promise to cover every possible pot hole in the road.
What Webrageous can promise to do is to highlight some of the most common mistakes made by the majority of new Pay Per Click Advertisers. In this way we hope to be able to eradicate the most basic of errors made in Google AdWords Management for our readers today. However, if there’s anything that you see on the list below that we have failed to include and you think really should be included, contact Webrageous immediately and let us know what it is.
So, what are the most common Google AdWords Management Errors made by Novice Pay Per Click Advertisers as a general rule? Webrageous Studios has compiled the following list:

  • Lack of Pay Per Click Goals
  • Ridiculous Fascination for Traffic Increase
  • Lack of Attention to Match Types
  • Running Search and Display Campaigns as Identical Twins
  • Oedipal Fascination for the Mother (ah, sorry!) Home Page
  • Lack of Testing

Essentially, the Pay Per Click Advertising Novice is just like the Jedi Paduan, studying and learning frantically in order to become a strong Jedi Knight who lives and breaths the power of The Force.
The only problem is that the young Jedi Paduan is always susceptible to the calling of The Dark Side and if not guided along the correct path, he can end up turning his life upside down and putting the safety of the universe into jeopardy.
New Pay Per Click Advertisers who need help and advice when managing their Google AdWords Campaigns can do little better than to read the Webrageous Studios article, “Be a Jedi Knight, Learn the Force Behind Google AdWords Pay Per Click.” This article highlights some of the most common errors that are made by new Pay Per Click Advertisers and is designed to help guide the novice through their first Google AdWords Campaign with success.
Darth Vader was the product of a lack of guidance from The Force. Webrageous Studios wants to make sure that new Pay Per Click Advertisers don’t end up creating their own personal Advertising Death Stars instead of flourishing Pay Per Click Campaigns. Follow our advice and you too can soon learn to become a Jedi Knight in Google AdWords Pay Per Click.

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