Ok. So, yes. I am about to have a BIG OLD RANT about the perpetual online advertising garbage that so many people upload to the Internet these days.

Online Advertising GarbageThe constant stream of online advertising rubbish is shoved in front of the innocent, unsuspecting faces of poor internet users who have to filter through piles of nonsense in order to get to what they are looking for.

Stop uploading online advertising trash! Please!
As a specialist in pay per click advertising management, it is absolutely infuriating when I continuously come across ridiculous online content for a wide variety of useless stuff when I am trying to do MY OWN internet research, whether it be for something personal or work related.
Imagine my fury, therefore, when I think about the common internet user who is being subjected to this ONLINE ADVERTISING GARBAGE!

I am an online advertising expert and I know all the tricks of the trade that people employ to get me to click on their pay per click advertisements or to click on their online natural search listings. Even so, I still find it almost impossible sometimes to find a listing that I can click on which then actually does take me to what I was hoping to be taken to.

Online advertising garbage! It is MOST infuriating!
God only knows what happens to the average internet user, untrained in online advertising techniques, who is simply trying to use the internet to find something out or to buy a birthday present for a friend. I am at least aided by my knowledge of online advertising strategies when searching on the Internet these days. I am, thanks to my expert advertising knowledge, somewhat protected against online advertising garbage!
Not everyone is as lucky as I am.

Poor souls!
Stop sending them your online advertising rubbish!
Start providing content and landing pages that are easy to use and which are of REAL USE to the person who lands on them!
Why do some companies / websites insist on TRICKING people into clicking through to a site that the user will have to leave again immediately anyway, on account of the fact that the page is NOT offering them what they thought they were going to see?????

Why? WHY? WHY!!!!
Such online advertising garbage, being an expert in pay per click advertising management, makes me even more annoyed because I do my very best to make sure that my advertising clients create campaigns and advertisements that produce QUALITY information and which provide a QUALITY experience for their target audience.

What happened to intelligent advertising and integrity? When did online advertising garbage suddenly become so important to the majority of the online advertising idiots out there????
Any thoughts?
Grrrrr. Rant! Rant! Rant!!!!

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