The masterminds at Google have recently, as always, been working away frantically to improve the AdWords service that is offered and to make the day to day tasks of the PPC Manager much easier and much more profitable for the PPC Advertiser.
The most recent update is to the Google AdWords Editor itself. Version 8.5 is now available for all Google AdWords PPC Advertisers.
Naturally, along with the development of Google AdWords Editor 8.5, a number of small, but significant and highly useful changes are bought into play. All PPC Managers should be aware of these changes and will no doubt want to take advantage of them on a day to day basis when running any of their PPC Campaigns, large or small.

In order that the information concerning these new updates becomes easily digestible, Webrageous Studios has provided a concise but complete list of things to take note of below. If you are about to begin using the 8.5 version of the Google AdWords Editor then the following list is a necessary read.
The new Google AdWords Editor, Version 8.5, contains the following properties…
WAP image ads: Create and manage WAP (mobile) image ads in AdWords Editor. You can:

  • Download and upload WAP image ads.
  • Create and edit WAP image ads within the WAP Image Ads tab.
  • Copy and paste WAP image ads between campaigns.
  • Import and export WAP image ads using a CSV/XML/HTML file or by using the Add/Update Multiple Ads tool.

Display ads: Version 8.5 now includes support for display ads created by the Display Ad Builder. You can:

  • Download display ads into AdWords Editor.
  • Copy and paste display ads between campaigns.
  • Import and export display ads by using a CSV/XML/HTML file or the Add/Update Multiple Ads tool.

Audiences: Support is now provided for assigning Audiences from Remarketing Lists or Custom Combinations. Download, view, and assign audiences within the Audiences tab.

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