Even if you are managing the pay per click campaigns of a huge organization where money is not an issue, pay per click advertising will reach a cap.

In order to generate further leads for your client, you are going to have to do more than simply throw more money at the campaign and bid for the highest spot on the SERP.

True lead generation that builds and builds and builds over time is a wonderful mixture of a number of different elements and we suggest that you try a few of the ideas that we have put together for you here below as a starting point:

Use search campaigns to dominate the longer and less expensive keywords

Long tail keywords might not draw in reams and reams of traffic because the search query is far more specific. However, any kind of lead generation helps.

On the up-side, if someone is typing in a very specific long-tail keyword it is likely that they know what they are looking for and are perhaps more liable to convert too. Therefore, these kinds of keywords should not be overlooked at any time.

Use display campaigns to help cover the traffic that might come from potential converters of broad match keywords that are liable to be more expensive

Display campaign advertisements, thanks to the fact that they can be image or video based, are a lot more enticing in many ways than a simple text advertisement on the SERP. The advertiser is also paying in bulk for impressions instead of for clicks too, which means that you can have a little more control over what is happening moneywise when aiming to dominate the big, broad match keywords via Display campaigns.

Cover all remaining marketing gaps with email and social media
Never underestimate the power of social media and emails / e-newsletters when you want to support what your pay per click search campaign is doing. Modern life is all about online, social networking now and it is one of the best and free ways of encouraging a larger stream of traffic to find its way to your site.

Run A/B testing whenever possible with minimal variables in place

Pay per click campaigns and online advertising in general (whatever the form) is nothing without testing and the gathering of data. If you don’t test and if you don’t gather data, you are never going to learn where things are going wrong and there can never be any real improvement made.

You should be testing everything from landing pages to advertisement text, ensuring that the variables on the tests are small so that you can truly see where the problems lie and what adjustments need to be made.

In short, if you are really looking to make headway on lead generation, sticking to one form of attack via pay per click search is not the answer, no matter how much advertising budget your company has to devour.

Mix things up a little. Dabble in Display and make best friends with the social networking giants to find the steady stream of traffic to your site that you truly desire.

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