How does one improve paid search marketing? How does one take an average or failing paid search marketing campaign onwards and upwards to success?

The key lies in focusing on user intent and using this knowledge / analysis to make better informed decisions about keywords and online content.

Have you ever considered the fact that there are, more or less, three types of internet user in terms of intent:

1. The navigator

2. The investigator

3. The buyer

The first thing that we must understand if we are to learn how to improve search marketing success is to know exactly what we mean by navigator, investigator and buyer. If we understand the nature of intent adopted by these three internet user types, we can better choose keywords and create content designed to give them what they need and improve the effects of our search marketing campaigns for good.


Who are the navigators?

Navigators are internet users who are looking for one website in particular. They have heard about the company / organization and have been meaning to take a look at the website for a particular reason and therefore the keywords that they use in their searches will include the company name for sure.

Indeed, navigators might not be able to remember the exact name of the company that they seek and therefore, to improve search marketing, companies need to think about ensuring that their paid search marketing campaigns take spelling errors into account or utilize other words that are liable to be associated with their brand.

For example, maybe your company is called Immaculus. Some people might remember the name as:


These variations should be used to improve your search marketing campaign by covering for as many potential errors committed by the navigating internet user as possible

Who are the investigators?

The investigators are internet users who are looking for information on a particular subject, but who are open to finding that information from any source. They are not looking for your company website in particular and therefore to improve the way your search marketing campaign attracts this type of internet user you need to choose keywords and create content which focus on subject specific words.

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To continue running along with the idea of a business called Immaculus, let’s imagine that this business is a cosmetic brand which sells make-up via the internet. Let’s also imagine that this brand prides itself on the fact that it creates cosmetics from organic products and that these products are perfect for people with very sensitive skin.

Keywords to improve this search marketing campaign and encourage investigators to find the company whilst they are doing their research could include the following:

organic cosmetics
sensitive skin cosmetics
organic make-up
make-up for sensitive skin

The list is endless, but your website and advertisements should be full to the brim of keywords like these if you want to really improve the quality of your search marketing campaign by focusing on user intent.

Who are the buyers?

If you want to sell more products or get people to sign up to your weekly newsletter or if you are interested in improving your search marketing campaign to encourage more conversions of any kind, you need to be encouraging the buyers to visit your site and you need to make sure that you offer what it is they are looking for.

The company Immaculus would need to use words like, “Buy, Purchase and Order,” as call-to-action words in its advertisements and then these advertisements would then need to lead immediately to a very simple, very quick to use landing page where the product that the user is looking for can be purchased without delay.

Other interesting tactics to help you improve search marketing campaigns include focusing on highlighting discounts, special offers and seasonal deals in your advertisements to encourage those internet users who already have the intent to buy to make the final step with your brand and make a purchase because the deal that you offer has a lot of financial appeal.

For example,

Order Discounted Organic Cosmetics

Buy one organic facial cream from Immaculus
And get a second organic cosmetic product free.

Advertisements like the one above are specifically designed to attract the internet user who has the intent to buy. If conversions are the main priority of your paid search marketing campaign, the development of advertisements like the one above is the best way of improving the effects of your paid search marketing in record time.

The key to improving search marketing campaigns

Search marketing campaigns can only be improved if you understand who you are marketing to and what it is that they are looking for. Without this understanding, your paid search marketing is always going to lack structure, focus and purpose. You will never achieve the improvements to your search marketing that you long for unless you pay attention to these important details.

So… what kind of internet user are you looking to attract? Is your paid search marketing campaign working to encourage the type of internet user that you are interested in? If not, do some readjusting.

Decide what your ideal internet user wants from your website… do they want to connect with your brand in particular, do they want to research a topic or do they want to buy a product? Once you have established this, your paid search marketing will improve naturally.