It is likely that most people who remain up-to-date with the movements and changes at Google AdWords on a daily basis will already be aware of the changes to Google AdWords Free Call Extensions. However, if the recent news has slipped you by, take note of the following facts today in this post:

1. Real Phone Numbers via Call Extensions

Recent developments now reveal that Google has made advancements with its technology so that pay per click advertisers can now use real telephone numbers in the call extension sections of their advertisements. The system for including real numbers is already in place and working fine.

This means that instead of using the specially generated numbers from the Google AdWords system, pay per click advertisers can simply list their business real telephone numbers instead. There is more transparency in this way for the Internet user and this can only mean positive advancements for the pay per click advertiser.

2. Changes to the Google Call Tracking System

The Google Call Tracking System is a very useful feature which tracks and records all data gathered from call extension advertisements that pay per click advertisers can then analyze to see where their conversions are coming from and make further optimization actions on their campaigns.

The system, at present, costs US$1.00 per call for the pay per click advertiser to run and up until now it has been an optional feature. In the coming months, all pay per click advertisers will have to use Google’s Call Tracking System if they wish to continue including their real telephone numbers as part of the call extension feature on their advertisements. If the advertiser doesn’t want to opt in t the call-tracking system, Google will automatically remove all the call extensions that the advertiser is running from all search advertisement, except from those which appear on high-end cell phones.

3. Automatic Changes and Opting-Out

It is really important for all pay per click advertisers to know that the existing call extensions are being automatically transferred over to the Google Call Tracking System by Google unless you state that you don’t wish your extensions to be transferred and that you don’t wish to be a part of this new way of managing call extensions.

Essentially, these changes are being made so that all advertisers know exactly when they are receiving a call from a customer because of one of their Google AdWords advertisements, which will make analysis and optimization a lot easier.

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