The PPC Manager can improve his or her keyword bidding techniques through these 7 simple ways:

  1. tip-jarPay attention to the users’ queries and bid consequently.

PPC Managers should know when to increase or decrease bids on a particular keyword or ad group to improve their keyword bidding techniques. The Search Query Performance Tool can be really helpful in deciding whether to higher or lower the keyword bids. Paying attention to what the searchers are actually typing aids PPC Managers to choose the perfect keywords they should bid on.

PPC Managers should base his or her decision to bid on freshly retrieved data and this means retrieving words to be use as keywords from actual traffic and actual conversions. The best tip to keep in mind is that searchers’ queries should control the keywords to be bid on rather than bidding blindly on keywords in the hopes that these keywords will drive customers to the site.

  1. Keep keywords organized into proper groupings

Keeping keywords organized into groups is important in improving keyword bidding because this can improve the conversion rate and click-through-rate of the advertisement. By grouping keywords PPC Managers are able to create advertisements targeted to a larger number of users who are actually looking for the products or services found on a site.

The PPC Managers should group keywords based on goals they would like to achieve through each ad group.

The Google AdWords Keyword Tool is still the most effective tool to group keywords. Through the Keyword Tool, PPC Managers can create ad groups, experiment on broad match keywords, make use of negative keywords and find keywords mostly related to the site content.

Remember that similar keywords are grouped together to come up with the average expected revenue when search engines estimate the cost of bids. With this, it is important that PPC Managers create ad groups that are strongly related in order to have the most accurate bid.

  1. Change bids according to keyword performance.

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Another PPC bidding technique for PPC Managers is to increase or lower bids in accordance with ROAS. The PPC Managers should determine keywords that are performing for the site and should bid higher on those keywords. On the other hand, PPC Managers should determine underperforming keywords and bid lower on those keywords.

  1. Increase or decrease the Target or Maximum amounts to test the effect of automated bidding.

PPC Managers should try running automated bidding before deciding whether to increase or decrease bids. Run a test for an automated bid for at least 10 to 12 days. Observe if the conversions increase or decrease, if say for example, the target CPA is lowered by $2, act on that result.

  1. Classify trends

The best PPC bidding technique is to decide on bids with a big consideration on real-time trends. Make bids depending on the result of users’ queries in a given day of the week, in a given time of day and how these factors are directly proportional to the daily budget. For example, an advertisement with a monthly expenditure of $100 does not need daily bidding. An advertisement with a monthly expenditure of $3m should change bids at least four times weekly.

  1. Keep an eye on automated rules.

PPC Managers set automated rules at the very start of running a campaign. To improve keyword bidding PPC Managers should always check on their automated rules and make the necessary adjustment as their campaigns progress or decline. For example, if the campaigns are already running for a month or so and the keywords are not getting the desired conversion rate, then the PPC Manager might need to adjust his or her automated rule to raise keyword bids when advertisements show up on the first page of the search result page.

  1. Adjust bids through bid algorithm.

Adjusting bids through bid algorithm can be as simple as running a scheduled optimization. The PPC Managers need not monitor their campaigns everyday and act even on the smallest of changes on the campaign. Use a calendar for different optimization activities like bid optimization, retrieve reports from the search query, organize keywords etc. Scheduling optimization activities assures PPC Managers come up only with the most important changes at the perfect timing given the correct and relevant data.

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