The market industry evolves constantly. Marketing strategy, to be effective, needs to keep up with the demands of marketing channels that are being discovered from time to time. This is very true with the pay-per-click industry.


tip-jar As paid search campaign advertisements expand, the challenge of successfully managing numerous accounts surrounds the PPC Manager. To cope with the fast change, Google AdWords managers explore automated bid optimization platforms in order to improve their keyword bidding techniques.


With the majority of PPC managers and marketers alike shifting towards automated bid platforms, Google is making further improvements via the introduction of its Performance Bidding Suite. Google defines the performance Bidding Suite as a tool that allows a marketer to “easily define and optimize to his precise business objectives, and express a unique bid goal for every conversion type. It also offers the option to integrate data, and have this data expressed in bid decisions to ensure that the entirety of your business is usable for bid optimization consideration.”


A complete grasp of Google’s Performance Bidding Suite will sharpen up a manager’s keyword bidding techniques.


In a series of seven blogs, Google explains the relationship of Performance Bidding Suite to 7 important questions needed to be asked in order to choose the suitable bid optimization platform for a campaign.


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Let us look at these seven questions and how are they, in essence, practical to a PPC manager.


  1. “Can you help me meet my unique goals?”


PPC Manager should be keen on defining both the basic and unique goals needed to be set for a particular campaign. With the Performance Bidding Suite, the goal of advertisers is at the center of all the bidding optimization process.


  1. “How fresh is the data used in bidding decisions?”


The PPC manager should not make his decisions based on outdated data. And Google knows how factual this is. In fact Google designed its very own programs with the freshest data in mind. As a result, the Performance Bidding Suite is programmed to retrieve data from search engines in the interval of 15 minutes, made possible thanks to online instant conversion data.


The Performance Bidding Suite is strengthened by combining DoubleClick Search’s ability to retrieve offline data and bring it online through bulksheet tool or API. Hence, it gives users an overall view of how to effectively optimize bids.


  1. “Is your platform smart enough to meet my goals?”


Google identifies three challenges: the challenge of near-real-time trend detection, performance-based spend allocation and low-volume keyword evaluation. These three challenges are the very issues that a PPC manager troubleshoots. The Search Performance Bidding Suite is conceptualized to target these challenges through the fine-tuned algorithms matched with spend allocation, quick trend detection and predictive modeling.


  1. “How quickly can your platform make decisions?”


The challenge posed by near-real-time trend detection, performance-based spend allocation and low-volume keyword evaluation, happens practically every minute with the ever changing evolution in the online world. The PPC manager faces this challenge as it happens. And with this he has to act on these changes and immediately come up with a sound decision. With the search Performance Bidding Suite performing intra-day evaluation for all keywords and can bid up to four times a day, a manager will be able to deal with the changes as they happen.

  1. “How often are your algorithms updated?”


PPC managers are responsible for quantifying whether the chosen bid optimization platform is up to date. He or she is tasked to make inputs whenever needed. Google assures marketers that the Performance Bidding Suite is updated every six weeks to keep the platform on the leading edge of the industry and to deliver search marketers the best possible results.

  1. “How much control do I still have?”


Google promises users that with Performance Bidding Suite, they have sufficient hands-on control with their bids even with an automated keyword bid optimization applied to the campaign.


  1. “How can your team help me get better results?”


A PPC manager always encounter this question and is expected to always do his best to bring great results to the clients. With the Performance Bidding Suite, Google guarantees that marketers are provided help in identifying initial keywords to assign to bid goals, are given advise on initial strategies and setting and are granted explanation on best practices in implementation, testing, analysis and adjustments.