Being able to quickly spot problems across many AdWords accounts is important especially if you work at an agency. When you login to your MCC you can do a date comparison to compare spend and conversions and conversion rate to quickly spot day to day or week to week or month to month how your accounts are doing. Take a look at this screenshot – I think it will make a lot of sense. This was done at the account level – you can also do the same thing at the campaign level to see campaign by campaign what is going on. I think most account managers probably know how to do these comparisons. But it’s a great way to do a daily or weekly or monthly update to make sure you don’t have a campaign or account which is slowly getting worse.

comparing 2 period in adwords

and here is how you would set up the date comparison which I don’t think most readers will need help with but here is the screenshot anyway:
how to do a date comparison in AdWords

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