In recent weeks there has been a lot of traffic and internet activity concerning the subject of Google AdWords Bans, what to do when you receive one and why you might have received one in the first place. It appears that at present some internet users are either consciously or unconsciously doing things with their AdWords accounts that directly violate the Google TOS (terms of service).

The result is that an increased percentage of AdWords account holders have received a Google AdWords Ban in recent months. But exactly what does this mean?

When Google suspends your AdWords account the decision can be difficult to reverse. Google AdWords Suspensions are not simple bans issued to a few internet users who have been told that they cannot run a particular campaign ever again. Nor are they simple bans that prevent the internet user from advertising on Google via that particular AdWords account again either. A Google AdWords Ban is not always, but can sometimes be a little more complex than this.

If you receive a Google AdWords Ban, you might not be able to run any AdWords campaigns or own any AdWords accounts with Google AdWords in the future. The suspension is not always irreversible, but you will need to work hard at getting the account open again. Sometimes advertisers feel that it is just a whole lot easier to try to start again from scratch.

But why is it difficult to reverse a Google AdWords Suspension?

Google will have recorded details about your IP address, your home address, your credit card, everything! Unfortunately, there is not even any guarantee that if you could open a new bank account, move house and then reconfigure your modem to generate a new IP address for your computer, that you would then be able to advertise through Google AdWords again in the future anyway.

So? What is the swiftest way to resolve the problem?



With this in mind, read the full length feature article on the Webrageous Studios Website that details a short but very important list of the things you must avoid doing in order to avoid receiving a Google AdWords Ban.

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