This is just a short post to make sure you are aware of the following cool updates at Google recently. Although these are not Google AdWords products and Webrageous Studios does like to focus on bringing you updates about Google AdWords features on the whole, the Google Voice Over IP and Google Realtime features are definitely two features that PPC Advertisers can make good use of regarding online marketing efforts and day to day business needs

For example, the Google Voice Over IP is bound to begin competing immediately with the services from Skype. Take a look at the cute video below.

It is an excellent business resource because of the fact that it enables you to call internationally at very low costs. Sometimes these costs are cheaper than those offered by Skype too, so it is worth doing a little research into the subject.

Less money spent on international and national telephone calls can mean more money available to put into your PPC Campaigns and strengthen your PPC Advertising efforts.

Secondly, the Google Realtime feature, which has been knocking around for a while, has now been given its very own domain. Google Realtime is an entire website in its own right and is another example of Google making shifts towards becoming a heavy player in the world of social media.

The site automatically feeds through CONSTANT updates from live feeds about topics that you are looking at, for instance, and this means that your business can remain entirely up-to-date without having to actually do very much.

In addition, the Google Realtime feature includes a “Nearby” or “Custom Location” button that internet users can click on if they wish to see results that are listed about their immediate surrounding areas. If you are a local business, this kind of exposure alongside the efforts of your PPC Campaign could help drive a lot more traffic to your website and into your stores as well.

It is through Google products such as these that the PPC Advertiser can begin to help their PPC Manager and supplement the basic efforts of their PPC Campaign in order to help strengthen everything that is being done through paid search to the maximum.

Take a look at this video on Google Realtime: