How far do Twitter, Tweeting and a Twitter Profile affect the way in which Google sees you or you and your company in terms of natural search page rankings? How much should a PPC Advertiser concern him/herself with their natural search page rankings on Google anyway?

Webrageous Studios will explain all beginning with the second question first…

Even if you are a PPC Advertiser or a PPC Manager, natural search rankings should be a factor in your day to day campaign management at the very least simply because natural search, if optimized well, is excellent advertising exposure for your company, for FREE!

In addition to the fact that natural search is FREE advertising, PPC Advertisers and PPC Managers should also bear in mind the reasons why Google chooses to rank certain websites or web pages higher in its natural search. If a PPC Advertiser keeps these factors in mind when optimizing their PPC Campaigns, they are more than likely to improve the effects of paid advertising at the same time as ranking higher in organic search results.

Google ranks websites and web pages highly via its organic SERP for the following reasons:

  • The website or web page includes excellent, authoritative content which is updated regularly.
  • The website is easy to navigate and its purpose/target audience is clear.
  • Content is keyword rich.
  • Meta-tags are keyword rich and the SEO work in general is of a very high standard.

The list could be longer, but the above examples begin to illustrate to point in hand, which is…

When natural search rankings improve, PPC success is likely to improve at the same time. Ownership of a great website, with excellent landing pages that are ready to be linked to from PPC Advertisements, means that a PPC Campaign is going to be very successful and going to create some excellent ROI figures which represent a healthy business.

Therefore, having understood why it is important for a PPC Advertiser or PPC Manager to focus a little on the success of Google natural search rankings, it should now be much easier to understand why it might be useful to have an active Twitter account or to at least be active on Twitter in some way to improve business and supplement the efforts of all PPC Advertising to the maximum.

In short, Google is now beginning to use social networking activity to rank websites and web pages on the Google SERP. A Twitter profile can gradually become highly authoritative in Google’s eyes. Some Twitter profiles have more kudos with Google owing to the fact that the Twitter profile always links to fantastic articles of great worth according to that same Google ranking system. Authoritative Twitter profiles are also highly active and ones with lots of followers who take an avid interest in what that particular Tweeter likes to say, do, read and link to.

If someone with a very proactive Twitter account links to your website, Google will take a note of this and will use this information in order to begin ranking your site on the natural SERP as well as continuing to rank that Twitter profile at the same time.

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Obviously, the use of social network activity to help give authority to sites on a Google SERP is still in the early stages, but the Internet likes to move fast and the general direction of social network activity in relation to online search is that one is going to be paying a lot of attention to the other and that both will begin to work in conjunction with each other.

Twitter could be very useful to your overall online reputation in the future and out of all the social network sites at present is probably the one that you should invest into for marketing purposes. At present, Twitter is the site that Google pays the most attention to above and beyond sites like Facebook where it is more difficult to track links etc. for the sheer fact that most people share information on Facebook between friends only and therefore the information is less readily available.

All eyes are on how PPC, Google organic search and Twitter can be used together in the future to create a solid online reputation that is unbreakable and highly lucrative!