This is a very important and also highly exciting move on the part of Google; highly exciting for anyone who just loves to be connected to social network sites and who truly knows the value of the social network’s advertising power through word of “social mouth.”

As of now, you will start to see Google SERP Listings that have actually been picked up from a number of social network sites, particularly Twitter which seems to be getting a lot more Google air time in comparison with the other social network sites.

Google had already started to list text elements and images/videos that had already been posted on social network sites. However, these listings had always been written by the person who posted the information. Posts, images and videos that had been reposted and shared by people other than the author on social network sites have not yet been listed on the SERP by Google.

Now, however, Google has also started to post retweets, for instance; ideas and information that has come from someone else and which has been bounced around on the Internet by other people interested in its content. Google is starting to see social network posts as worthy content for its SERP listings.

What effect does this have on pay per click advertising and what do pay per click managers now need to start bearing in mind when we consider this further shift towards social network importance? Google is telling us that we need to pay more attention to what our social network sites are saying about us too.

It means that probably more than ever now, all businesses with online profiles and online advertising campaigns should begin to invest even further time, energy and money in the development of their online content and social network activity. In fact, the development of online content that is relevant, useful and well presented, is probably of more importance when considering these developments at Google than placing more emphasis on social network activity itself.

What businesses need to do online is to continue to build a community that is well respected by customers and interested parties alike. If the content that a business produces is worth its weight in gold, other people who love to social network will do all the social networking your company needs for you for free. You won’t have to lift a finger or invest a dime.

Produce quality content and get those social network bunnies working for you without even realizing it. Check every now and then to see when your content appears on the Google SERP via an excited retweet or blog post comment.

What’s important to note is that Google and social network sites are beginning to merge a little more. (This does not include Facebook however). If you have any questions about how to utilize social network sites, contact Webrageous Studios without delay. We will be happy to help.

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