The fairly recent Google Instant has created a lot of press for itself over the past few weeks. The question is how will Google Instant affect Paid Search? Will PPC Managers need to make changes to their PPC campaigns in order to maintain success or not?
Let’s take a little look at the factors that PPC Managers should be taking into consideration now that Google Instant is in play.

  1. It is anybody’s guess what kind of impact Google Instant will have on Paid Search at present and therefore the most important thing is to be watchful.
  2. Given the nature of Google Instant, the best places to watch for changes and developments in your PPC Campaigns would be variations in impression volume and CTR volume too.
  3. Google AdWords has also said that all standard reports, including the search query report, will report any impressions that were triggered by Google Instant. This kind of data will be invaluable, so keep a good check-out here over the next month or so too.

Apart from this, the only thing possible to do now regarding Paid Search and Google Instant is to wait.
Whether Google Instant is Paid Search’s friend or foe will hopefully come to light sooner rather than later. Share any updates you have on Google Instant and your PPC Campaign at the bottom of this post.

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