Most people are aware that Google is one of, if not the most influential and powerful search engines of all time. Therefore, anything that Google chooses to do (like when Google changes its algorithm, for instance) is of immediate interest and importance to all online marketers in every industry all over the world.
When Google changes its algorithm, everyone needs to buck up and pay attention to the effects that these changes will have on the marketing campaigns that they manage. The recent changes to the Google algorithm, known as Penguin, have affected the marketing campaigns of a number of companies (good enough to share their findings with fellow advertisers) and these changes may well have affected your campaigns too. Have you checked?

Why should you care when Google changes its algorithm?

There are no hard, fast, golden rules when it comes to Google. There isn’t a Google Marketing Pamphlet that is handed out to everyone, making it easy to see how to climb up in the rankings. Where would the fun be in that? However, with careful study and the support of professional online marketing experts on your side, you will be able to see whether or not your online marketing campaigns need to adjust to the new Google algorithm or not.
In addition, the rest of this article lays out a few tips and findings from what has already been uncovered in recent weeks. Make sure you take a few notes and use our help and guidance to lead you through the next few months of campaign optimization that lay ahead.

Why are the changes to Google’s algorithm positive?

When it comes to online marketing, the worst thing that can happen is for the marketing expert or marketing team to go stale and wander around in routine mode.
When Google decides to make changes, it is always because it believes that those changes are going to be in the interests of its advertisers and its users. It makes changes for the good of everyone involved. These constant changes help to keep marketers on their toes and this means that the quality of the content available on the Internet continues to improve by the day.
When Google changes its algorithm, it will simply force you to take a close look at your website, monitor even minor fluctuations in conversions or click-through-rate, etc.
Constant and unpredictable changes by Google are also great ways of ensuring that business owners understand a little more that online marketing is a complex industry. Every time Google changes its algorithm, a better relationship is developed between the business owner and the online marketing expert when that owner sees that advertising online really is a long process full of developments and changes. The business owners are encouraged to change more things, be more spontaneous and to roll with the punches a little more, which makes the life of the online marketing expert a lot easier in general.

Some Recent Findings

Online marketing companies, including Master Google and Prodentite have already registered some of the ways in which they believe the new Google algorithm has affected the online marketing campaigns that they manage.
It is suspected that there is even less competition on geographical keywords at present than before. If you are using generic, non-geotargeted keywords in your campaign, you might not notice much of a difference, but be on the lookout to see what is happening with regards to those keywords which identify a particular geographical location whenever you can.
The importance of developing fresh content is again another really important note to bear in mind, considering the results that a number of marketing companies have received since they found out how Google changes its algorithm. Identify what is hot in your industry and blog about it. One new post every week is better than nothing and the consistency will be something that Google rewards you for over time.
The final point to bear in mind relates to shady link-building techniques. This is the main reason why Google changes its algorithm regularly.
Write great content for other well respected sites and earn natural links for your site over time. If you try to get links on the quick, not all those links are going to look good and the rate at which your links increase will not appear natural either. Unnatural link-building is not favored and it seems that as Google changes its algorithm, it is looking even less fondly on the people who link in this way.
Naturally, no real definitive conclusions can be given. Google has not stated that any of the ideas above are true. These are assumed findings based on first hand research gathered from within the industry. However, these findings are at least a good place to begin reassessing your online marketing success over the next few weeks. Good luck!

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