If you are a Google AdWords user and want to strike the Google Display Network right where you’re aiming, a few keyword arrows would usually do the trick.

But if you want to select the topic field without going too specific, Google AdWords is ensuring that your aim will meet its target. It is now allowing you to specify topics in order to contextually target your AdWords advertisements to pages within the Google Display Network through Google AdWords Topic Targeting.

What is Google AdWords Topic Targeting?

The Google AdWords topic targeting option allows users to choose from more than 1,750 topics and sub-topics to target your ads. This is a great option for a Pay Per Click Advertiser who is focused on brand awareness, generating sales and reaching a broad audience already seeking their product.

This option will allow Pay Per Click Advertisers to ensure that the right customers are coming to their sites without having to get too specific. Through Google AdWords topic targeting, the system looks at all the terms on a page on the Google Display Network in order to decide which topic the page best fits into. It does not rely as much on particular keywords.

However, it must be remembered that using keywords to contextually target a Google AdWords advertisement is a better option if you are more focused on targeting your advertisements to a specific set of pages on the Display Network.

This doesn’t mean that both options can’t be used together. As a Google AdWords user, all you have to do is create an ad group that targets a general sub-topic where you would like your Google AdWords advertisement to appear. Create a display advertisement on your product or service and then target the specific sub-topic relating to your product or service.

Then create a separate advertisement group using keyword-based contextual targeting that has a strong list of keywords focused on a specific brand or aspect of your service. Link this to one of your Google AdWords text or display advertisements that includes a special offer or discount, and clicks to your website and conversions within your Google AdWords Pay Per Click Campaign should start pouring in.

For those Pay Per Click Advertisers who are still dubious about the Google Display Network and prefer to stick to the Search Network, check out this article on How to Optimize on the Google Display Network.

Topic versus keywords still all a bit confusing? Contact Webrageous Studios today to find out how you can optimize your Google AdWords campaign on the Google Display Network through a mix of keyword-based contextual targeting and Google AdWords topic targeting.