Why should a pay per click advertiser make friends with their Google AdWords quality score? How does a pay per click advertiser make friends with their Google AdWords quality score?
Let’s deal with the first question to begin with… why?

Why You Should be Friends with Your Google AdWords Quality Score

Why should we make friends with Google AdWords quality score? What is in it for us? Isn’t quality score the enemy to some extent? Doesn’t it mean that we sometimes have to pay more for our keywords and that our advertisements are not always shown as much as they could be until our quality scores are better? google adwords quality score
But that’s the whole point. That’s why it is important to be friends with Google AdWords quality score. It is important because the better your quality score is, the cheaper your keywords and the more your advertisements will be selected by Google to be shown to internet users on its search engine results page.
If you learn to love Google AdWords’ quality score, you and your advertising campaign will be in a better position. Therefore, it is in your own interest that you develop a high quality score and accept it as your friend. Making friends with quality score will improve your advertising campaign automatically.

How You Can be Friends with Your Google AdWords Quality Score

Now for question number two. How do you do it?
How do we, as pay per click advertisers, make friends with Google AdWords quality score? How do we make our friendship with quality score stronger so that we can improve our pay per click advertising success? What do we need to do, to focus on, to change to have a positive effect on our quality score?

Choose Keywords Carefully

Make sure that you choose your keywords carefully. Some keywords are going to be better in drawing in your target audience compared to the others. It’s these keywords that are going to help increase your quality score.
In addition, selecting keywords that you also use in your advertisement text and on your landing pages is an excellent way of ensuring that your keywords attract the right audience, and in turn, generate more conversions.
Once more conversions have been generated, a better quality score can be achieved.

Manage your Bidding Cleverly

If you know which keywords convert the most, you can concentrate more of your advertising budget on those keywords. This will help encourage more conversions on those same keywords and develop an even better quality score on those keywords again.
In this way, your Google AdWords quality score continues to improve and your advertising campaign continues to grow and develop for the better.
For more information on Google AdWords quality score, contact Webrageous Studios’ team of experts today. We will be happy to help you.

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