Google AdWords has come up with an amazing new feature once again. Find out more about Google AdWords Mobile Instant Preview and what it can do for you.

What is the Google AdWords Mobile Instant Preview?

google adwords mobile instant previewThe Google AdWords Mobile Instant Preview is a fantastic little feature that has recently been officially rolled out to all Android phones by Google AdWords to enable mobile internet users to view thumbnails of the landing pages that they would be directed to were they to click on any given Pay Per Click Advertisement.

Why is this a great feature for Google AdWords PPC Advertisers?

It’s amazingly helpful to the internet user, that’s why.
Mobile devices have much smaller screens in comparison to PCs, MACs and laptops. Therefore, it can sometimes be difficult to make a decision about which advertisement you want to click on when browsing through a Google search. It can also be extremely annoying for the internet user to keep clicking on advertisements only to hit the back button in the end because they’re not happy with your selection.
If the internet user’s life becomes difficult, they are always going to be tempted into just giving up. Internet users on the mobile network are even easier to annoy and so Pay Per Click Advertising Features like the Google AdWords Mobile Instant Preview really do help everyone concerned. Every internet user that gives up in the middle of a search is a potential lost customer for your Pay Per Click Campaign.
The Google AdWords Mobile Instant Preview feature is but another way of keeping the internet user happy and easier to convince to go to your website.
On the right hand side of every Google Search Advertisement, there now appears a small magnifying glass icon. When the internet user hovers over that icon an enlarged preview screen of that landing page pops up and gives the mobile internet user a better idea of what it is they are going to be redirected to.
This means that they don’t have to keep clicking on advertisements and then returning to the SERP until they find what they are looking for. The experience is likely to be a lot more enjoyable and less annoying for the internet user while being less expensive for the Pay Per Click Advertiser as the Google AdWords Mobile Instant Preview should help avoid high CTRs that do not lead to conversions.
When a mobile internet user looks at the preview of your landing page before they click, they can make a more informed choice about which Google AdWords Pay Per Click Advertisement they want to click on. It is more likely that when they land on your website, it is because they definitely want to be there and are definitely interested in your services.
Well done Google AdWords! Another fantastic Pay Per Click Advertising feature for the ever expanding Google AdWords Mobile Network that everyone can benefit from.
For more information about how to start utilizing the growing power of the Google AdWords Mobile Network as part of your overall Google AdWords Pay Per Click Campaign, contact Webrageous Studios directly today. Our Google AdWords Qualified Pay Per Click Managers will be able to go through all the options with you.

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