Google AdWords Contextual DiscoveryGoogle never stops looking to the future. It never refrains from creating the next Google Tool or projecting towards the next Google focus. Last year, Google has focused a great deal on the local internet user via tools for local search and mobile queries. This year it seems that Google’s plan is to continue making it even easier for internet users to find information about what they want… this time, before they have even asked for it through Google AdWords Contextual Discovery.

What is Google AdWords Contextual Discovery?

Contextual Discovery is, as Google itself is describing it at present, “Google results without the search.”
Ah yes, Google is pulling out all of the stops with this one! Google plans, through Google AdWords Contextual Discovery, to give the internet user exactly what they are looking for before they even begin to look for it.
Google’s Marissa Mayer explains that Google AdWords Contextual Discovery works by “taking a user’s location as a piece of context for finding what they want without them actually searching for anything.” Once Google has your location and has recorded information taken from your Web Browser and your Web Tool Bar, it will begin to make educated calculations about what it is that you would like more information on, even if you logged on to the Internet without the intention of searching for it.
Google can look into where you have been browsing recently and what interests you have been showing recently (a little like the way in which PPC Advertising works on the Google Display Network) and then information that you need can be sent your way immediately, without you having to do anything.
An example of what Google AdWords Contextual Discovery might do is to serve an internet user a copy of the menu from a restaurant in a side panel when that internet user is looking at that restaurant’s website. Another example could be that Google provides a list of relevant articles in a header panel if the internet user is reading about a particular topic on a daily news site.

What does this mean for PPC Advertisers?

It means that your focus on location and the local internet searcher should be higher next year. Make sure your website would be picked up by Google as being useful for local internet searchers, just as much as it would for international internet users at all times. If you optimize for local search, Contextual Discovery is bound to start doing some effective and free advertising for you on your part.
Make your website a place full of important and relevant content, encouraging Google to cite your website through Contextual Discovery as and when the tool begins to come into play next year.
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