The Google AdWords Business Channel on Youtube is an excellent fountain of resources and information regarding PPC through Google AdWords. Without a doubt, it is also a far more entertaining way of keeping up-to-date with the many developments that Google has to offer on a day to day basis as compared to reading up on the AdWords Blog, for example. Knowing Google, there would always be something new being served to different audiences.

What else can you get from the Google AdWords Business Channel? Why is it worth visiting and subscribing to?

Discovering What’s New with the Google AdWords Business Channel

The videos on the Google AdWords Business Channel are made to be easily accessible for all PPC Advertisers from a variety of different backgrounds and with a vastly varied array of knowledge and prior experience. Recently, a popular example of one of the videos on the Google AdWords Business Channel supported by Youtube is one that focuses on the introduction of AdWords Product Advertisements.

The AdWords Product Advertisements tool will help you to design your image-based advertisements for use on the Google Display Network in an easy to complete manner. For those people with little manpower and a modest budget, this tool it is an excellent way to begin better managing a Google Display Network campaign and of creating advertisements that are going to be PPC successful.

However, the fun doesn’t stop with the AdWords Product Advertisements tool. It will definitely be a great resource on everything related to Google and its products, and will be the best way to discover other new tools that the tech giant has to offer.

Interested to learn further what else you can discover through the Google AdWords Business Channel? Log on to the Google AdWords Business Channel on Youtube and check out what’s new this week at Google AdWords.

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